Before I start this, I’ll make it clear and admit my bias, I am a New England Patriots fan, I am a Tom Brady fan, I am a fan of the pocket passer Quarterback, the Tom Brady’s, Peyton Manning’s, Drew Bree’s, and Aaron Rodgers, the Quarterbacks that stand in the pocket make the reads and then somehow fling the ball 40 yards into a tiny, tiny space, on the biggest stage all whilst making it look like the a casual Sunday afternoon in their back yard.

There are many factors that Brady the GOAT, however two stand out the most, work ethic and the man just wins.

If you haven’t yet managed to watch the Tom vs time documentary, watch it. The man eat sleeps and breathes football, he’s so committed you actually start to feel a little sorry for his wife and kids. Everything Brady does is in order to get better at football, to gain that extra percent, or even 0.1% that will give him the advantage over the next opponent. Whether that be watching film, or working on his mechanics, even at 41 Brady is still trying to improve, still trying to find that advantage. Brady’s found what works for him, enabling him to play at a high level, for so many years.

Say what you will about the TB12 method, and the avocado ice cream, but it works for Brady. The man is 41 years old playing and out performing those who are nearly half his age, avocado ice cream should be on your shopping list. If you look at Brady physically, his combine tape, the man looks like a middle-aged accountant trying out for his local Sunday league pub team, Brady shouldn’t be as good as he is. Drew Bree’s, Aaron Rodgers are both more physically gifted than Brady, yet Brady has 5 rings, more than the other two combined. Brady is the ultimate patriot, the patriot way, the do your job mantra suits Brady, Brady is the best at doing his job and because of that, the man just wins.

Brady’s work ethic plays into his ability to just win, there is no Quarterback in the history of the NFL I would personally rather have with two minutes left than the game on the line. Losing by two points? Brady will get you into field goal range, losing by more than two points? Brady will get you the touchdown. Brady elevates those around him like no player in NFL history has, if you look at the history of the players Brady has played with offensively. None apart from Randy Moss and Rob Gronkowski stand out as all stars. Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola, Brandon La Fell and Deion Branch, all strong good players however take them away from Brady and the patriots they wouldn’t have the same success.

However, If I’m a WR in that huddle, with two minutes left I know all I have to do is run my route, and the ball will be there, Brady will get it there. Brady has an aurora around him, as all greats do in those situation, where you just know everything and anything is possible. The emphasis of this post mainly revolves around work ethic and this isn’t to say Brady works harder than the likes of Drew Bree’s or Aaron Rodgers it’s just that somehow, Brady makes it work, Brady just wins and combining the two together you get 5 Super bowls, 4 Super bowl MVP’s, 3 league MVP’s, 13 Pro bowl selections and multiple league records, you get Tom Brady.

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