There are countless threads by those who say the Super Bowl was boring and that the Patriots winning 6 rings since 2002 is boring. The main argument is that they are making a mockery of the whole salary cap process and the measures the NFL take to create parity in the league.

Here’s an analogy that we think works well. Imagine you own a sweet shop (NFL franchise). There are 31 other sweet shops in all the land (the league). You have £100 a year to stock your shop (salary cap) and try and get the most sales over the year (win the super bowl). You can move your shop and choose what sweets to stock (players) and even who sells your stock (head coach/gm). The only thing you can’t do is spend more than the £100 allowed.

Whilst you do your thing in your shop over the road, in the Patriots shop they have the humble Flake chocolate bar (Tom Brady) not costing as much as other bars but always hits the spot and is consistently gets the job done. Then there is the Boost (Rob Gronkowski). Costs a lot but is solid and always delivers when you need a hit. Next up is the Freddo (Juilen Edelman). Very cheap, great looking wrapper (amazing beard game) and is always the bar that you reach for when you need the extra bite at the end of the day (playoffs). Accompanying the Flake, Boost and Freddo the Patriots have Chocolate Buttons. More in a pack than other chocolates and per button decent bang for the buck (other players). Oh and did I mention they have Willie Wonka and the Oompa Loompa’s selling the Chocolate.

No matter what else they stock their shop with (rest of the roster) they almost always make it to the final two for most sales for a shop award (Super Bowl). After all, Wonka knows sweets better than anyone else ever has and probably will do. He runs the shop from the till with no interruptions (General Managers, Head of Football operations or Owners having their say).

Back to the other 31 shops including yours. You may have over paid for your top seller, like Haribo (Kirk Cousins e.t.c). Over-priced and don’t always fill the void you think they do. Another over-priced sweet is Toblerone (Antonio Brown). Probably the best but the cost over weighs the quality.

By having these star buys costing a lot to stock, you are reducing the amount you have to spend on other stock. You may well sell many Toblerone’s, but there will be holes in the customers who come into the shop because they want stuff you just don’t stock (don’t get to the Super Bowl).

There will be shop owners who can sell some stock and those who are changing the way the stock is sold, but these tactics aren’t consistent because of the cost of some sweets to stock. The owners of these shops either sell the shop (fire the Head Coach) or change the cashier (make coaching changes). Doing this makes selling the most sweets harder.

We’ll leave you with this. Tom Brady takes less money than Garoppolo (His previous back-up), Stafford, Carr, Flacco, Luck, Cousins, Brees, Wilson, Roethlisberger, Manning, to allow the Patriots to spend elsewhere on the team needs. Not only this, but he has been coached by the best there ever was/is and will be in our opinion.

You need further proof of players helping the cause rather than move on?

Julien Edelman has earned less in his career than Brandon Cooks has this year. That, Rush Nation, is one of the key components as to how you consistently get to the Super Bowl, or should we say, sell the most sweets.

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