Quarterbacks are the best paid players on most teams in the NFL but why?

Why not change the game and we may already be seeing this happening in LA. What is the point of overpaying your average QB’s and then having nothing left to build a team with. Look at Cousins in Minnesota with his $84m guaranteed, he has some pretty good receivers but still is not setting the world on fire.

I am not saying that a QB that is a top 5 player like Brady, Rivers, Rogers, Brees and Roethlisberger, guys that can put a team on their back and drag them to the winning line should not get paid. They need paying as they can make average receivers and backs better, and these guys are important. But what about the mid range ,the Cousin or The Newtons of this world. Between them have an average salary over 25 million. You could pick up 2 Keenan Allen’s for that salary!!

Are Average Qb’s Better?

Now lets say you can find a QB that has not got to be a world beater, lets remember Rex Grossman played in a Superbowl as a starting QB. Lets take someone like a Case Keenum or even a unknown rookie like Sam Darnold. You are paying them a fraction of the price of the mid range guys. You can then arm them with the best free agents that are available. If you have a Rookie in the line up if you have 3 great receivers, 1 great TE and a good O-line then i dont think there is much difference between Cousins and even a back up like Chase Daniel.

The Future

Personally I think, as the NFL develops the Offensive Coordinator will become more important. In the future the offence will be schemed to allow the outstanding players on offence to make plays. The QB will be able to manage the offence and will be able to make a simple decision as the best receivers are always open.

The days of the average QB getting paid are very limited and at some point the teams will realise this.

Which one of these would you pick;

Minnesota Vikings

Player  Salary Cap
Thielen  $   6,100,000.00
Diggs  $   4,963,929.00
Treadwell  $   2,709,539.00
Rudolph  $   7,675,000.00
Cousins  $ 24,000,000.00
Murray  $   5,200,000.00
Total  $ 50,648,468.00


Myers Skill Players

Player  Salary Cap
Bekcham Jr  $   5,459,000.00
J Jones  $ 12,866,667.00
A Brown  $   7,955,000.00
Gronk  $ 11,781,250.00
Darnold  $   5,499,584.00
Gurley  $   7,228,306.00
Total  $ 50,789,807.00


Which one of my players are your double covering and which one is your 3rd best corner covering. I rest my case.

Now obviously you might not get all of these players but if you have the cap room you can make the moves. (Josh Gordon in NE). You may only get them for a couple of years before you need to trade them or release them but this has a good chance of being the way to recruit in the future.

I think you would win a Superbowl faster than waiting to find the next Favre, Manning, Elway or Aikman, what do you think?


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