As we get to the crunch festive period, only a few regular season games remain in the NFL. This leads to more off season talk in every NFL friendship circle and amongst all fans about what teams will do to get better for next year.
This kind of talk can be especially rampant by fans of teams have been officially eliminated, disappointment turns to hope and attention turns to next season. One of the major questions NFL fans will often ask themselves and of there team, Do we need a new QB? Most of us have been there, as a Browns fan almost yearly, till this one, (Long Live King Baker). Many will play out scenarios in there heads about how they’re team will look different for next season and count how many games poor QB play has cost them over the last season.
For NFL newbies, let me tell you why, as its important to understand there are a few reasons why this can happen but the main one for me, the right quarterback can to draw inspiration from the Premier league turn you from Burnley to Manchester City in one season just without the need of a billionaire owner.
So on to the article, please take the below with a pinch of salt, I am not prophet and I can’t tell you what NFL teams are thinking. I can however tell you who I think should be searching for a new Quarterback in the upcoming off season, why and the urgency that particular team faces.

Obvious Ones.

To me this category contains the teams in which without a new Quarterback I feel will be stuck in the middle to lower echelons of the NFL until they address the games most important position despite what may or may not be well rounded rosters.

Eli Manning, well the man is a hero in a New York and will forever remain one, they should build a statue for him. Weirdly that’s how he plays now as well, like a statue. For that reason the Giants either need to further develop Kyle Lauletta, or go and find the long term successor to Eli.

When your team is starting Cody Kessler who has 1 career win, I don’t I need to really expand just why the Jags need to address the most important position in football.

It turns out Case Keenum, is still Case Keenum. Last year in Minnesota was special, that whole city was on another level, it was a match made in heaven. Sadly that’s not been the way for the likeable Case in Denver. When he can avoid turnovers, they win but that’s not a long term strategy or guide to winning.

This is a bit more of a sad situation. Unfortunately the Redskins believed they had the long term starter, or at least one who could see them through the next 2-3 years. Bad luck and a horrible injury however mean that Smiths successor is now needed.

Year of Dev

Andy Dalton to me is about as average you can get in the NFL. He can be a starter in this league and pull a franchise along with him, but having never won a playoff game the Bengals need a fresh start both at head coach and quarterback. Luckily for Dalton I don’t see them making this switch just yet, but they are firmly in the middle category as I feel Dalton could be a good mentor down the line.

What the Bucs do this off season is truly one of the most fascinating situations across the NFL. At Quarterback they’ve switched all year between Fitzmagic and Winston. Both are exciting but neither in my opinion provides long term stability. A year behind Winston is the right move, right now for a young QB and this exciting team.

I actually couldn’t decide on if I should include the Raiders on this list or not, they are in a unique situation. They are quite frankly trying to lose most weeks. Derek Carr is not elevating the play of players around him, either this is what he is or the talent that now surrounds him is that bad. I can’t decide and id love Raiders fans feedback on him.

Guard Against Retirement.

Tom Brady is, in my opinion, the GOAT, but this could well be his last season. His performances levels are dropping(slightly) and injuries and old age seem to finally be taking toll, the Patriots need to be aggressive and draft his successor this off season.

Big Ben, jokes talks about retirement every off season. Last year he played out a panto piece on the subject right up to the draft. It’s clear the Steelers may have already tried to guard against his retirement in previous years but neither Dobbs or Rudolph are long term solutions and the Steelers need to follow the Browns and Ravens and find that long term exciting solution quickly.

Phil Rivers is having his best season ever, he is how ever 37. We’ve seen countless occasions where a quarterback has just suddenly hit old age and fallen off a cliff and that moment could be round the corner for Rivers who could end the year with a ring.

On the Edge

Dak divides opinion. I don’t see the Cowboys making a switch any time soon but imagine If the Cowboys had Matt Ryan? Would they be better? Would they be overnight favorites for the Superbowl? In my opinion Yes. Its not that Dak is bad, he’s serviceable, its just the Cowboys are in a Superbowl window right now.

Ok, so I don’t personally think the Panthers need to move on but my co-host of the ALL32 podcast AND Panthers fan Rob does, his reasoning below:
Cam Newton, our former first-round pick, MVP and Super Bowlee, but have the wheels fallen off the wagon now? He is sporting a shoulder injury which does seem to affect the latter part of games, he chooses to run the ball instead of pass, are we seeing our number one QB start to slowly hang up his cleats? Possibly. In my opinion, Heinike needs to get more reps, he hasn’t done so bad when he’s come off the bench, either that or draft a good rookie QB and get him thrown into training camp, Cam is taking up a lot of cap space and not showing too much in return.

Ryan Tannehill makes the Dolphins better than anyone else they currently have, he’s serviceable and won’t lose you games by himself, problem is he for me, he also won’t win you them. The Dolphins will survive another year with him and will probably keep him, id be slightly shocked to see him replaced but like the others in the category it may not be a bad thing.

Final Word

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Alternatively, if you don’t enjoy this article or disagree, let us know why, either by commenting below or joining and writing the case for your team’s quarterback.

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