The Rushies, because why not?! More importantly though because just like the Pro Bowl in the NFL, fantasy stars need recognition. Here at 5 Yard Rush we brought forth this recognition in the form of The Rushies. A selection of awards that we see fit for the fantasy season just gone. It wouldn’t be an awards show without red carpet stars so we enlisted the help of Rich King (@RichKingFF) from Roto-Baller but more importantly, you Rush Nation. We let you decide the winners in some categories because like when saucing a hotdog; is it ketchup or mustard? You decided, interestingly a mix of both you said. Enough pre awards babble, queue fireworks, cheap party streamers and even cheaper champagne, here are your list of nominees and winners.

Fantasy QB of the Year
Nominees: Mahomes, Rothlisberger, Ryan, Luck: Winner- Mahomes
Winner- Patrick Mahomes
Murf: Mahomes
Kingy: Mahomes
Stocks: Mahomes

With Mahomes being 40 odd points better than everyone else dependant on your scoring format there was only ever one winner. Will he go round one in next year’s fantasy drafts? You bet your bottom dollar someone will take him there (here at 5 Yard Rush we don’t condone this behaviour, wait on QB). He might not have won a life times supply of Heinz Ketchup for getting to 57 touchdowns, but he is our Rushie winner of the Fantasy QB of the year award.

Fantasy WR of the Year (1/2Pt PPR)
Nominees: Hill, Hopkins, Adams, Brown
Winner- Devante Adams
Murf: Adams
Kingy: Adams
Stocks: Hill

At this point it would be remiss of us not to say go and listen to Thursday’s Awards podcast as Stocks changed his vote with mere seconds left till the winner was announced. That being said Davante Adams is a worthy winner. For the first time in his career he went over 1000 yards (1386 actually) and put up a career high 13 touchdowns Adams was supreme in what was a dismal season for the Packers. It should be mentioned that Stocks lost a water bet and the video of him watering himself is available @5yardrush. Congratulations Davante on becoming the Fantasy WR of the Year Rushie winner.

Fantasy RB of the Year (1/2pt PPR)
Nominees: Gurley, Barkley, McCaffrey, Elliott
Winner- Todd Gurley
Murf: Gurley
Kingy: Gurley/ CMC
Stocks: Gurley/Barkley

This is where things really got toastie, like smores over a campfire toasty. Murf stayed true to picking 1 winner, the typical picking a winner route taken. Stocks and Kingy both picked 2 winners and both for very different reasons. Before we get into those reasons, we should mention the real winner of the Fantasy RB of the Year Rushie winner. Take a bow Todd Gurley, you are a fantasy cheat code, next year’s number one overall first round pick (no, not Lev Bell I hear some of you try and pipe up with) and all round nice guy, you are, the Fantasy RB of the year Rushie winner. Now, onto the other two sub-category winners, Run Cmc, Christian McCaffrey and Rookie sensation Saquon Barkley. Cmc won it for being an absolute draft bargain. He set the single season receptions record for a running back in the NFL. The previous record was set by Matt Forte, who had 102 receptions back in 2014 with the Bears. With his most recent catch on a pass by Taylor Heinicke, McCaffrey reached 107 for the year. McCaffrey also became just the third running back in league history to reach 100 catches and rush for 1,000 yards or more in the same season. Not bad for a 2nd sometimes 3rd round guy. Not next year! Saquon Barkley set the world on fire in his rookie season. Against the Cowboys, Barkley had a chance to break multiple NFL rookie records and he went on to get them all, those that were within reach anyway. Barkley came close to braking Reggie Bush’s all-time rookie yards from scrimmage record! The record of 2,212 yards set by Dickerson came agonisingly close for Barkley who finished with 2,028 total yards from scrimmage. He also just became one of three rookies to ever top 2,000 total yards! Wait, there’s more. Barkley also shattered an all-time Giants rookie record that has held since the 1946 season! With his 11th rushing touchdown of his 2018 rookie season, in the Giants’ loss to the Cowboys, Barkley broke the record for the most rushing touchdowns by a rookie in Giants history. Thanks for staying with us through all that!

Fantasy TE of the Year (1/2pt PPR)
Nominees: Kelce, Ertz, Kittle, Ebron:
Winner- George Kittle
Murf: Kittle
Kingy: Kittle
Stocks: Kelce

Now this Rushie was hotly contested and George Kittle came out on top after setting the total season yardage record by a tight end minutes after Kelce had set it. 1,377 yards is a huge mark laid down by Kittle and going forward when his franchise Qb comes back who knows if this could be broken again. After all he, like Kelce and Ertz are now playing hybrid Te/Wr roles in which the yards will flow and the touchdowns will come. The tight end debate will rattle on all off season so be sure to go back and listen to ‘The great tight end debate’ episode of 5 Yard Rush to arm yourself going into next year. Congratulations Mr Kittle you are the Fantasy TE of the Year Rushie winner.

Fantasy K of the Year
Nominees: Fairbairn, Tucker, Myers, Lutz
Winner- Ka’imi Fairbairn
Murf: Fairbairn
Kingy: Fairbairn
Stocks: Fairbairn

Contrary to popular belief kickers do matter in fantasy football, at least to Murf and Stocks they do. Kingy, not so much. There was only one winner here and it was Ka’imi Fairbairn. Mr consistent all year he won you weeks and was always chipping in with points to keep the K column of your team in the green. Well done Ka’imi, you are the Fantasy K of the Year Rushie winner.

Fantasy Defence of the year
Winner- Bears 

No shortlist as next team was 44 pts back. The Bears bolstered their already ferocious D with the beast that is Kalil Mack and he brought his own type of tornado to the windy city. A one man wrecking crew, I imagine if the stats were broken down in detail he accounted for the 44 points that the bears beat all other D/ST’s by. Congratulations da Bears D/ST you are the Fantasy Defence of the Year Rushie Winner.

Fantasy MVP
Rush Nation to decide:
Winner- 38% Patrick Mahomes
2nd- 25% George Kittle
3rd- 21% DeAndre Hopkins

Fantasy Team of the Year
– 1QB- Mahomes
– 2RB- Gurley, CMC
– 2WR- Adams, Hill
– 1TE- Kittle
– 2 Flex- Barkley, Hopkins
– 1K- Fairbairn
– 1D/ST- Bears

Waiver Wire Player of the Year
Nominees: Kittle, Lindsey, Boyd, Conner, Carson, Chubb:
Winner- James Conner
Murf: Lindsey
Kingy: Conner
Stocks: Conner

One of the hardest Rushies to give out was this one. With all of these studs available at the start of the season on the waiver wire it came down to two players for us. On one hand the un-drafted rookie Phillip Lindsey from Denver made a mile high splash In his first season before his horrific wrist injury. On the other hand you have 2nd year running back James Conner who came back from Cancer to be drafted by the Steelers to sit behind Lev Bell in till such a time he was needed. With Bell’s Franchise Tag nightmare dragging out, Conner stepped into Bells formidable size shoes and doing just as good a job, if not better than Bell. There are some who say that Pittsburgh are a system Running Back team and even anyone’s nan could run in the scheme. Whilst some of this is true Conners talent, quickness and elusiveness cannot be denied. At times this season he looked like the best in the league. That is why, James Conner, you are the Waiver Wire Player of the Year Rushie winner.

Now like all good awards show there is a break. The second half of the Rushies is only available on the awards podcast over at 5 Yard Rush. There are some really hot takes and 2 personal awards by Stocks, Murf and Kingy. 5 Yard Rush is available on all good podcast platforms and follow the guys and podcast @5yardrush

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