The AFC South might be the tightest divisional race in football. With last years winners, the Jaguars, demoted to 4th place. In this post, I’m going to look at exactly who the 4 teams are, the big inner division matchups to come and dare to tempt fate by predicting who might win this division. It has 3 good young exciting quarterbacks and Blake Bortles.

Current Standings

Texans 6-3

Titans 5-4

Colts 4-5

Jaguars 3-6

Mariota vs Watson

I want to start this article with a quick stats-based look at 2 of the most exciting young quarterbacks in the NFL right now, Mariota has played in 8 games and Watson 9 games so I am aware these stats may slightly appear in favor naturally to Watson.

Just looking at Yards and touchdowns thrown, Watson looks the real deal, he can play and he might be the future of this division. This translates to the tape as well, Watson can make any throw, something I’m still not certain Mariota can do. Week 12 will be the key matchup in the division and one I will be watching in the race for the south. Now on to brief look at each of the teams.


The Texans just find ways to win, nothing in football is more simple and impressive than a team who can do exactly that. I don’t yet think they have peaked though or really played another contender and for that reason alone If I was a Texans fan id be cautiously optimistic on the season right now. They have a team with spirit and chemistry that can’t help but be adored. But they are yet to beat a team with a winning record, now Texans fans might be slightly annoyed at that statement. Looking ahead though I see no reason on that logic alone why the Texans can’t win the AFC South, the rest of the schedule is favorable and it only has them playing 1 team who at the moment have a winning record, the Redskins this week.


Often forgotten and ignored by many, well not anymore, after that statement win against the Patriots the whole NFL, not only applauded the Titans and admired what they did but is now sitting up and taking notice. The Titans are aggressive and a team improving every week. When Mariota is healthy he has control and a poise over this offense. Which can take them to the playoffs.

UK fans got to see the Titans up close a few weeks ago when they played the Chargers, an AFC powerhouse at the moment in most peoples eyes contenders, the Titans ran them close and even had a chance to tie or even win the game in overtime, Mike Vrabel stuck to aggressive nature though went for 2 and ultimately failed and lost the game, but I really liked the call and what it did, it sent a message to me and probably other neutral NFL fans, the Titans are in the business of winning games and will take risks to do so.

At the moment they also have the number 1 scoring defense, only 1 other team who claimed this accolade in a season haven’t gone to the playoffs, it’s certainly something to look at down the stretch.


I’ve got to admit I’m still not sold on the Colts as a potential playoff team, maybe that will all change this weekend when they take on the Titans, who Andrew Luck has never lost too.

The difference between this year’s Colts though is, the offense is moving the ball, Frank Reich has done a good job after taking the job in quite frankly odd circumstances, he has probably outperformed what McDaniels would have achieved from this roster. Andrew Luck finally looks healthy and back near his best, I think all NFL fans will be hoping he continues in this upward trend now. The other major difference for the Colts is Eric Ebron. Who is this former Lion and what did he do with the tight end we all saw in Detroit? Ebron looks unstoppable and should be pro bowl bound.


Sigh. I feel its really hard to talk about the Jaguars this year and not feel disappointed, I have never been convinced by Blake Bortles as a quarterback and his play is no surprise to me, Jacksonville has a talented roster which should be in a Superbowl window but is being held hostage by Bortles. Yes, the defense and Jalen Ramsey, in particular, have regressed slightly but the offense is up with the very worst in the league to watch.

Ona  5 game losing streak at the moment with no clear sign of it stopping the Jaguars have returned to the cellar of the South. Having lost all 3 division games on the schedule so far they look a real shell of last years team. I could probably write so much more on the 2018 Jacksonville Jaguars but it hurts and annoys me that this roster is so poor this year. Changes are needed and fast.

Division Games – To Go.

Week 11 – Titans @ Colts

Week 12 – Titans @ Texans

Week 13 – Colts @ Jaguars

Week 14 – Jaguars @ Titans

Week 14 – Colts @ Texans

Week 17 – Colts @ Titans

Week 17 – Jaguars @ Texans





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