After Black Monday a total of 8 head coaching jobs are now free. I have assigned each one of these a score, based on a few different metrics, each scored out of 8 depending on the ranking between these teams. There are other external factors which should be considered but this certainly adds a different look to it.


8 being the best and 1 the worst in each category with the highest scored team ranking top.

  • QB – For this category I aim to rank the appeal of working with the quaterback who is projected to be the starter next season ignoring any potential new QB in the draft for now.
  • Draft Capital – Simply done by draft order and when that team first picks.
  • Cap Space – How much money that team has available to strengthen in the off season.
  • Current Roster – How much from the current roster could be used to build for the future.
  • Own opinion – A wildcard, ignorng all other factors, where my gut instinct ranks the teams.

Table of Scores

8. Tampa Bay Bucaneers – 16

The Bucaneers by all the above metrics find themselves bottom of this list, this is mainly down to a poor projected cap space and starting QB situation,
it’s likely whoever takes the job may still have Winston around for a year to try build off or steady the ship. The Bucs do have some good young talent though which should appeal to prospective head coach candidates and makes this perhaps the most intriguing team seeking a new head coach.

7. Cincinati Bengals – 18

My own opinion had the Bengals bottom of this list, they needed a change from Marvin Lewis and much about the Bengals needs chaning, they have a middle of the road NFL roster and quaterback in Andy Dalton, even with creative playcalling to me they are stuck in NFL obscurity in a division which contains the resurgent Ravens and Browns.

6.Miami Dolphins – 18

The Dolphins scored higher than I expected. But being stuck on the same score as the Bengals tells you everything about the franchise. The same issues as the Bengals, limited cap space and a lack of clear identity and long term direction are the biggest issues facing the franchise and how they turn that round and take control of what could be an open AFC East in the years to come.

5.Denver Broncos – 19

Denvers defense has the potential to be a top 5 D across the league, Von Miller is a franchise player, future hall of famer and along with many of that defense almost makes this opportunity a quick turn around and potential superbowl winner in a few years, the big questions are on offense though, John Elway needs to find a long term QB and any head coach will be hampered by the lack of.
A few young good WRs in Hamilton and Sutton should offer long term reliable options, Lindsay had a sensational debut season and can be a star but Case Keenum is not the one.

4. Green Bay Packers – 20

If you take away Aaron Rodgers this would of easily been the worst prospective job out of the 8 available, but its up in 4. Aaron Rodgers is a hall of fame QB and opportunitys to be head coach of a franchise with a future hall of fame QB are rare. Major roster reconstruction is needed but its not hard to imagine the Packers back in the playoffs this time next year.

3. Arizona Cardinals – 26

The Cards have the number 1 pick, plenty of cap space and a young QB who has shown plenty of promise. Steve Wilks firing was probably a little harsh, but should also ensure the next head coach is afforded extra time to build a long term winner in perhaps the toughest division in the NFL.

2. New York Jets – 31

A young defense with plenty of pieces, the 2nd most cap space across the NFL, the 3rd overall pick and Sam Darnold see the Jets narrowly beaten to top spot. If they can add talent around Darnold, with Leonard Williams and Jamal Adams they already have 2 cornerstones of the future in place and comfortably sit as the favourites in the long term to unseat the Patriots.

1. Cleveland Browns – 32

Baker Mayfield should be crowned rookie of the year, and alone makes this a spot any coach would love to take control in, add into that Myles Garrett, Denzel Ward and Nick Chubb and its clear the Browns are on the cusp of long term sustained success. They in my opinion do have the best roster in terms of talent on this list, combined with the fact so many of those pieces are so young and the fourth most cap space, the Browns are now finally after 20 years built for success.

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