We all have our opinions as to which teams or players got or bad deals; Maybe you loved Mark Ingram to the Ravens, Dee Ford to the 49ers or maybe even Geoff Swaim to the Jags (you sick people!).

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This article is a bit different and links nicely with the upcoming pro bowl, an event which gets much talk but really is just a bit fun. exactly what this was.
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Before I start this, I’ll make it clear and admit my bias, I am a New England Patriots fan, I am a Tom Brady fan, I am a fan of the pocket passer Quarterback, the Tom Brady’s, Peyton Manning’s, Drew Bree’s, and Aaron Rodgers, the Quarterbacks that stand in the pocket make the reads and then somehow fling the ball 40 yards into a tiny, tiny space, on the biggest stage all whilst making it look like the a casual Sunday afternoon in their back yard.

There are many factors that Brady the GOAT, however two stand out the most, work ethic and the man just wins.
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Being an NFL fan in the UK can be a tough gig. The best match up of the week is often served up to satisfy the American prime time audience (how selfish!) but fear not, the All32 present you the game review ahead of time so you can sleep soundly fully aware of what has happened in the big game. Lets see what may has happened this evening.

Sunday Night Football – Packers @ Patriots

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