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This article is a bit different and links nicely with the upcoming pro bowl, an event which gets much talk but really is just a bit fun. exactly what this was.
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The process of becoming, being and keeping a job as a positional, offence, defence or head coach can lead an individual on a path to greatness, the history books even, or it can have someones career ending within a season.… Continue reading

The Saints and the Rams already look to have secured both the divisions they play in and byes for the playoffs but who else in the NFC looks likely at the moment to make the post-season and compete for Superbowl glory as the NFC representative. This blog post will be a quick look at the chances of the teams I believe still have a chance at getting to the playoffs and make some bold predictions.

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Just like any of the other 31 teams in the League, being a Carolina Panthers fan, has highs, lows and everything in-between. In the past few seasons we have experienced a Superbowl, albeit a loss, Cam getting MVP, to last season, which was one to forget.

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As the Panthers improved to 5-2, I asked myself, Are they actually realistic contenders in the NFC?  Hidden away in the NFC behind the Saints and Rams, to me they are a dangerous team who are right on the bubble. And after watching the tape, I’m convinced they have a shot!

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