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Before I start this, I’ll make it clear and admit my bias, I am a New England Patriots fan, I am a Tom Brady fan, I am a fan of the pocket passer Quarterback, the Tom Brady’s, Peyton Manning’s, Drew Bree’s, and Aaron Rodgers, the Quarterbacks that stand in the pocket make the reads and then somehow fling the ball 40 yards into a tiny, tiny space, on the biggest stage all whilst making it look like the a casual Sunday afternoon in their back yard.

There are many factors that Brady the GOAT, however two stand out the most, work ethic and the man just wins.
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Thanksgiving for us Brits is a bit of an odd concept, its something not many or any of us really celebrate, but to our friends across the pond its a national holiday and a chance to spend a day with family. Football on thanksgiving goes back to 1876 and The University of Michigan. They became the first team in history to regularly host a thanksgiving game. The NFL adopted this tradition in 1920 under its former APFA name, 6 games were hosted that day.

As the years have gone on the NFL has developed its thanksgiving model and since 2006 three contests have regularly been held on Thanksgiving. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys are regular hosts, with the third a game picked by the NFL, normally a divisional game. This year the red hot Saints.

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There has been plenty of debate in the last couple of weeks over who is going to be the regular season MVP this season. The general consensus is that it is a straight fight between Drew Brees and Patrick Mahomes.

I’m going to make the case for my QB – Drew Brees.

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