Carolina Panthers

As we get to the crunch festive period, only a few regular season games remain in the NFL. This leads to more off season talk in every NFL friendship circle and amongst all fans about what teams will do to… Continue reading

The process of becoming, being and keeping a job as a positional, offence, defence or head coach can lead an individual on a path to greatness, the history books even, or it can have someones career ending within a season.… Continue reading

Just like any of the other 31 teams in the League, being a Carolina Panthers fan, has highs, lows and everything in-between. In the past few seasons we have experienced a Superbowl, albeit a loss, Cam getting MVP, to last season, which was one to forget.

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As the Panthers improved to 5-2, I asked myself, Are they actually realistic contenders in the NFC?  Hidden away in the NFC behind the Saints and Rams, to me they are a dangerous team who are right on the bubble. And after watching the tape, I’m convinced they have a shot!

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