We finally made it! The end of ranking the Offensive side of the ball is here. We are behind schedule being that the Combine is only a couple of days away and we wanted to be hitting the Defensive rankings earlier,but the good news is the Offensive Line Rankings are in and for a lot of people this has been the one Group most have been waiting for and asking the most questions about.

Most teams out there the biggest complaint right now is how their OLine is unable to match the opponent and give their QB time in the pocket to make plays. The unfortunate part of most OLines in the NFL is that its not just talent and scheme fit for the player but also the cohesion and team work that goes into making a good OLine. That only comes with good and stable coaching and the most important part,time. Of all the position groups out there the OLine is the one place where it takes a long time to develop a stable unit to protect their QB. Striking in the Draft when selecting OLinemen is one of the surest ways to get wins in the NFL,the only trouble with making those selections is that it can be one of the toughest to scout. Projection and team fit are the most vital for teams looking at taking an OLineman,that means rigorous scouting and nailing interviews will be the may areas for these guys. As we mentioned the Combine is coming up and is a great way to stick a few drills into them to separate the talent. Watch the 40 Yard Dash,more importantly the 10 and 20 Yard Split times,that will show which guys have the explosive power needed at the next level,and lastly the Drills watch for the Kick Slide Drill,who looks balanced and natural,and which guys look lumbered and unsteady,but given all that we have made it a little more simple for you and given 2 guys OT Rankings and 2 guys IOL Rankings,so without further ado here they are:-



  1. C. Ford  Oklahoma
  2. J. Williams  Alabama
  3. J. Taylor  Florida
  4. G. Little  Ole Miss
  5. A. Dillard  Washington State
  6. D. Edwards  Wisconsin
  7. T. Howard  Alabama State
  8. Y. Cajuste  West Virginia 
  9. M. Scharping  Norhtern Illinois
  10. M. Dieter  Wisconsin


  1. C. Ford  Oklahoma
  2. J. Williams  Alabama
  3. J. Taylor  Florida
  4. G. Little  Ole Miss
  5. A. Dillard  Washington State
  6. T. Howard  Alabama State
  7. Y. Cajuste  West Virginia
  8. M. Scharping  Northern Illinois
  9. C. Edoga  USC
  10. K. McGary  Washington



  1. M. Dieter  Wisconsin
  2. G. Bradbury  NC State
  3. C. McGovern  Penn State
  4. C. Lindstrom  Boston College
  5. B. Benzschawel  Wisconsin
  6. E. Jenkins  Mississippi State
  7. M. Jordan  Ohio State
  8. N. Davis  Charlotte
  9. B. Powers  Oklanhoma
  10. R. Pierschbacher  Alabama


  1. C. Lindstrom  Boston College
  2. E. Jenkins  Mississippi State
  3. M. Dieter  Wisconsin
  4. D. Samia  Oklahoma
  5. R. Pierschbacher  Alabama
  6. G. Bradbury  NC State
  7. N. Davis  Charlotte
  8. B. Benzschawel  Wisconsin
  9. B. Stallings  Kentucky
  10. E. McCoy  Texas A&M

Well that’s it for the Offence this time around. Post Combine,and as Prospects hit their Pro Days and workouts the rankings will change and we will revisit these all again,and also explain why a prospect has risen or fallen boards in that time. As always we dissect each ranking,here we can the same names arrange themselves with one or two different additions at the bottom of each board. This proving yet again that scouting at the OLine position is the most trickiest to project and ascertain production at the next level,but if anything else it leaves some extra names for everyone to take a look at. Anyone needing further clarification with the Rankings can get in touch and we can break the positions down further,or any other Ranking we have spoken about already,and of course get in touch as always if you have anything to ask and we try to battle through the questions everyone is leaving us which we can’t thank everyone enough.

Keep that tape rolling


TDHouse College


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