Pushing faster through the rankings and getting closer to the end of the Offence positions now,we are back again with more Top 10’s. We have some eager folk out there wanting us to talk about Defensive prospects and read their Scouting reports,but as the famous beer company keeps telling us,”Good things come to those that wait”. They wouldn’t be wrong either since this years Defensive players are outstanding,but before we ramble on to far lets stay with the Offence and look at the Tight End position this time.

In fairly recent years we have been quite spoiled in the TE position come Draft season with the likes of players such as Dallas Goedert, OJ Howard, David Njoku, Hunter Henry, Austin Hooper…the list can go on to name more. This year the trend looks like it could continue. Now it’s not as great and going to overly treat us as much as the 2017 class,but as a group it looks better than last years crop. A lot of guys in this years class have abilities that move well and move well with speed,and do so carrying a good NFL calibre level of size. The mix is good in regards to receiving and blocking but the bulk of the class this year wins in the Move TE style of player. With the way the NFL are trying to utilise every inch of grass in today’s game and doing so more than ever,and also with a lot of Rookie or Sophomore QBs out there,the TE position is becoming more and more a position of importance and not just that extra guy on the O-Line that teams would just look for. Yes there is some 1st Round talent to be had,but expect most to go Day 2 and filter a little into early Day 3 providing insane value. But here you have it once again, 3 rankings to run through and find some names for you to take note,as we always say,they could be coming to a team near you!


  1. N. Fant  Iowa
  2. TJ Hockenson  Iowa
  3. I. Smith Jr  Alabama
  4. I. Nauta  Georgia
  5. J. Sternberger  Texas A&M
  6. K. Smith  Stanford
  7. D. Raymond  Utah State
  8. D. Knox  Ole Miss
  9. J. Oliver  San Jose State
  10. C. Wilson UCLA


  1. TJ Hockenson Iowa
  2. N. Fant  Iowa
  3. I. Smith Jr  Alabama
  4. I. Nauta  Georgia
  5. D. Knox  Ole Miss
  6. J. Sternberger  Texas A&M
  7. D. Raymond  Utah State
  8. Z. Gentry  Michigan
  9. K. Smith  Stanford
  10. C. Wilson  UCLA


  1. TJ Hockenson  Iowa
  2. N. Fant  Iowa
  3. I. Smith Jr  Alabama
  4. J. Sternbeger  Texas A&M
  5. I. Nauta  Georgia
  6. K. Smith  Stanford
  7. D. Knox  Ole Miss
  8. J. Oliver  San Jose State
  9. A. Mack  Notre Dame
  10. D. Sample  Washington

The lists for the TE looks pretty comprehensible. There’s not much change between the 3 Rankings in names but where they rest is more up for debate,and yes we debated! 2 Rankings favouring Hockenson for the top spot and one for Fant,we all agree there isn’t much in it mind between the two bar a difference in athleticism,just how that level translated to the game in the NFL is the reason for the differences. The only other differences then in names was Josh Oliver, Alize Mack, Drew Sample and Zach Gentry that didn’t show up on all 3 lists,but its just more names to add to the watch list. And there we have it again another Top 10 delivered for you and we head into the trenches next as we rank out the top Offensive Tackles and then Inside Lineman,with any luck we can get through the questions sent in and then hit the Defensive side of the ball next week.

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