As we keep running out our Top 10 lists and try to get every position out there for you Pre-Combine,we have once again come to you with our Positional Rankings,this time with the Wide Receiver position,and for most people a sneaky position of need for their teams Rosters currently.

We all know the critique right now and the stigma that in recent history the WR Draft class has been lacking in standard. Very few Round 1 WRs taken in the last couple of years have not only failed at stamping a mark at the Pro-Bowl,but also leaving any eye popping statistics for us all to work with to prove that the recent Drafts haven’t been all that bad. We had some hope last season as Calvin Ridley exploded onto the scene as expected,but then only to quieten down as time went on and finishing quite shy of the 1000 Yard marker,but his 10 TDs kept a positive note to his Rookie season. So the next part to all this is the big question,”So this class is different right?”. Well yes and no. Sounds like a cop out answer we know,but the reason for the middling answer is simply that the WR class this year DOES have talent there. It’s teeming this year with some nice Slot Receivers,a whole bunch of those guys in fact. Most of the talent however is more Day 2 for value of pick. That doesn’t mean some names won’t get called Round 1,and one or two are definitely in our books worthy of being up on the big stage come Draft Day.

So let’s get into our WR Rankings and see what names role out,and for you to start taking a look at over the next few weeks:-


1. N’Keal Harry  Arizona State

2. DK Metcalf  Ole Miss

3. M. Brown  Oklahoma

4. AJ. Brown  Ole Miss

5. JJ. Arcega-Whiteside  Stanford

6. K. Harmon  NC State

7. D. Samuel  South Carolina

8. H. Butler  Iowa State

9. P. Campbell Ohio State

10. R. Ridley  Georgia



1. DK Metcalf  Ole Miss

2. N’Keal Harry  Arizona State

3. AJ Brown  Ole Miss

4. M. Brown Oklahoma

5. D. Samuel  South Carolina

6. JJ Arcega-Whiteside  Stanford

7. P. Campbell  Ohio State

8. K. Harmon  NC State

9. L. Humphrey  Texas

10. R. Ridley  Georgia



1. DK Metcalf  Ole Miss

2. K. Harmon NC State

3. M. Brown Oklahoma

4. N’Keal Harry  Arizona State

5. D. Samuel  South Carolina

6. R. Ridley  Georgia

7. JJ Arcega-Whiteside  Stanford

8. AJ Brown  Ole Miss

9. H. Butler  Iowa State

10. A. Isabella  Massachusetts

There you have it! Some names that keep cropping up which shows some stability in the skill sets that are found in this years Draft. As we mentioned before there’s quite a heavy dose of Slot style Receivers in the mix this year. DK Metcalf showing to be a favourite at the top of the list,and if you haven’t seen the recent photo of him at the gym with his friends,just take a look,that’s not a costume he’s wearing they are real muscles! But of course with the Combine looming,expect this list to slide the most. Next we will look at the Tight End Rankings,but for now we leave you some names to check out and plenty to talk about.

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