Off-season is officially in full swing,we see a lot of sad faces around. But don’t be down not only do we now have the AAF to watch,and last weekends games were so much fun,we also have for you our next line Position Rankings. This time we go behind the QB and look at who in the Running Back class floats our boat. Just like last we have 3 rankings to look at the patterns that develop. Enjoy! 


1. J. Jacobs  Alabama 

2. B. Snell  Kentucky 

3. J. Hill  Oklahoma State

4. B. Love  Stanford

5. D. Harris  Alabama 

6. D. Singletary  Florida Atlantic

7. M. Weber  Ohio State

8. M. Gaskin  Washington 

9. Z. Moss  Utah

10. LJ Scott  Michigan State


1. J. Jacobs  Alabama 

2. D. Singletary  Florida Atlantic 

3. D. Montgomery  Iowa State

4. D. Henderson  Memphis

5. J. Hill  Oklahoma State

6. K. Higdon  Michigan 

7. D. Harris  Alabama 

8. M. Weber  Ohio State

9. B. Snell  Kentucky

10. R. Anderson  Oklahoma 


1. J. Jacobs  Alabama 

2. D. Montgomery  Iowa State

3. D. Harris  Alabama 

4. D. Henderson  Memphis

5. D. Singletary  Florida Atlantic 

6. T. Williams  Texas A&M

7. E. Holyfield  Georgia

8. M. Sanders  Penn State

9. R. Anderson Oklahoma 

10. D. Ozigbo  Nebraska 

Just like the QB class the number spot is unanimous,Josh Jacobs appealing the take the top spot in each rankings. The rest of the names pretty much appear in some discernible order,simply put it all depends on what each of us place certain criteria over others,or what we see as more translatable traits to take to the NFL. As always with RB it depends on the eyes of the beholder to what they see more important to other traits but a range of names for everyone to take a look at. Feel free to continue to send in your questions to our email and we will answer as many as we can.

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