With everyone’s sights on the SuperBowl and the NFL media full to the brim getting as much Rams and Patriots content ready for the big clash on Sunday,we thought it was a perfect time to go for the top spot and rank our top 10 favourite Quaterbacks in this years Draft.

Below is the list from 3 of our guys who put together a list without conferring and the results you can read below:-


1. D. Haskins Ohio State

2. D. Lock Missouri

3. D. Jones Duke

4. R. Finley NC State

5. K. Murray Oklahoma 

6. C. Thorson Northwestern

7. W. Grier West Virginia

8. J. Stidham Auburn

9. K. Shurmur Vanderbilt

10. T. Jackson Buffalo


1. D. Haskins Ohio State

2. D. Lock Missouri

3. K. Murray Oklahoma 

4. D. Jones Duke

5. W. Grier West Virginia

6. J. Stidham Auburn

7. N. Fitzgerald Mississippi State

8. R. Finley NC State

9. G. Minshew Washington State

10. E. Stick North Dakota State


1. D. Haskins Ohio State

2. D. Lock Missouri

3. D. Jones Duke

4. B. Rypien Boise State

5. J. Ta’amu Ole Miss

6. W. Grier West Virginia

7. T. Jackson Buffalo

8. G. Minshew Washington State

9. J. Stidham Auburn

10. R. Finley NC State

So pretty much across the Board the number 1 and 2 pick are pretty much the same. The biggest wildcard in the rankings is Kyler Murray,at the top in one Draft,middle in another and not even top 10 in the last rankings. Where it gets interesting is the middle of Drafts where names are completely different showing the range of skills and diversity of those Day 2 early Day 3 guys that can be found and hopefully turned into those sneaky gems that always crop up after the Draft. Lastly the FCS represtitive stays strong with one Draft and Easton Stick stays in the top 10 and could be a flyer at the end of Day 3,or more of a guy you can find as an UDFA? Only time will tell.

Keep an eye out as we go to Ranking our Top 10 RBs and keep looking at names as we get closer to the combine!

Keep that tape rolling


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