Off season can seem so long! With any luck the news and updates of teams as they head into OTAs should take some sting out of the long wait. If that doesn’t help and you need more College news we keep up the ranking chapter and look to rank the top 25 Colleges at this stage and the best player for each team. We will look before the season kicks off at the teams and see how things have changed and put our reasons why,but for now lets take a look at our version of the Early Top 25.

  1. Alabama Crimson Tide- There’s a chance they could slip out of the top spot by Kickoff season but for now we are keeping a solid lineup,coaching and system at the head of the table. Star Player- QB Tua Tagovailoa
  2. Clemson Tigers- The chase between Clemson and Alabama are pretty much can be argues who the chaser and chasee is. Clemson certainly had Saban in a state of panic of confusion in the National Finals,but the losses in this years Draft too much to keep up being the top dog? Star Player- QB Trevor ‘Sunshine’ Lawrence
  3. Oklahoma Sooners- One of the most powerful Offences in College and has been for a couple of seasons now….some may argue! Yes they play in the BIG12 that typically is lop sided heavily on Offence,they boast one of the finest O-Lines in College which shows when they produce back to back Heisman winners,that conveyor belt of talent in the trenches looks to continue. Star Player- WR Ceedee Lamb
  4. Georgia Bulldogs- The next and closest challenge in the SEC for Alabama is of course Georgia. Most will argue that they should of made the Playoffs but the razor edge quality at the top means lose one too many games and it means everything,lets see if a bounce back is on,even more so after their last Bowl game which didn’t have a fairy tale ending. They lose some 5 star talent,mainly at QB,but that should give Bulldog fans interest in how talented the guy they have is. Star Player- QB Jake Fromm
  5. Ohio State Buckeyes- This is a team that had some big losses in the Draft this year,changes at coaching from top to bottom should make the BIG10’s best team interesting to look more in depth as we get closer to kickoff. The Buckeyes Defence looking to keep in as they go from talented Pass Rusher to the next. Star Player- DE Chase Young
  6. LSU Tigers Could you say the best Defence in College? Best in the SEC certainly and most definitely DB Corp in College. Star Player– S Grant Delpit
  7. Michigan Wolverines- Hanging on by a thread last year,Harbaugh managed to hold on for another year. The Offence remains much intact for another season,Defence will have a turn around but since that’s Harbaughs forte it should good to see,hopefully they can leave the teams last game behind them. Star Player- CB Lavert Hill
  8. Florida Gators- Maybe the biggest jump for and College team this year,the additions they have made,mostly on Offence,and also the gaps they have filled from losses,Gators look like they could be making a return after a long time in hibernation…not sure if Alligators hibernate,over to you Attenborough. Star Player- CB CJ Henderson
  9. Notre Dame Fighting Irish– Most will say they deserve to be much higher than this. To that we say that Notre Dame are victim of Conference. Sure their record looked great but the moment they faced a challenging team in t]he Playoffs the talent gap was extremely clear. One thing we will say,that D-Line looks menacing! Star Player- DE Khalid Kareem
  10. Oregon Ducks– In a Conference that has little in the way of providing anything to beat Oregon to the top spot,look for an Offence to lead the way again this year. Star Player- QB Justin Herbert
  11. Texas A&M Aggies- The next SEC team to make the list and the first one out of the top 10. They have a QB that is looking to make strides to the next level again but the Defence and D-Line look very intriguing Star Player- DT Justin Madubuike
  12. Texas Longhorns- Yes its back to back Texas rivals neck and neck in the rankings. Its taken some time for Texas to get nack here but their Bowl season proved what they can do. Could the next Heisman be a QB out of Texas? Star Player- WR Collin Johnson
  13. Washington Huskies– They should or could be higher but you have to take into account that they are totally rebuilding on defence. A lot lays in the lap of their QB Jacob Eason Star Player- OT Trey Adams
  14. Penn State Nittany Lions– Want to see them higher? Find out why so many players hit the transfer portal and how they will fill the gaps? Star Player- LB Micah Parsons
  15. UCF Knights– They lead the AAC,rarely losing a game,sure we are talking a lesser competition but still. So why so low given that they could argue a Playoff spot? Who starts at QB? What do they do at D-Line? They could start to slip this year unless…… Star Player- S Richie Grant
  16. Utah Utes– The only close threat to Oregon in the PAC12 comes from Utah. A decent Defence and returning offensive weapons in the backfield and receivers should help them stay competitive Star Player- DE Bradlee Anae
  17. Auburn Tigers– Another SEC team making the list. The defence in typical SEC style is top notch and some good firepower on Offence. Auburns biggest issue is who do they find to play QB? Star Player- DT Derrick Brown
  18. Washington State Cougars– With an unknown playing QB this year it could be a faller for the Cougars,thier saving grace is their star Tackle and a transfer at QB who could take the helm Star Player- OT Abraham Lucas
  19. Stanford Cardinal– A lot on Offence is missing this year but QB isn’t a concern with Costello returning. No RB with Bryce Love gone and with one exception not much on O-Line again for another year could Stanford be falling? Star Player- OT Walker Little
  20. Wisconsin Badgers– They lose a QB but gain another and could of worked out as an upgrade. With the leading FBS RB still there they could get a better season this year Star Rating– RB Jonathan Taylor
  21. Nebraska Huskers- With some talent added to the Offence to help their QB it should be exciting to see how much more Nebraska can progress again. Star Player- QB Adrian Martinez
  22. Syracuse Orange– The Orange sat quietly then broke out last year. That trend should continue as playmakers stay at RB and WR. Star Player- DE Alton Robinson
  23. Iowa Hawkeyes– With talent lost in the Draft and big targets at TE gone they need to find a way to get the ball around. The good news is QB Nate Stanley is staying! Star Player- DE A.J Epenesa
  24. Mississippi State Bulldogs- The recruiting genius at Mississippi need to effect again. The hope they find a gem at QB yet again is in order Star Player- QB Keytaon Thompson
  25. Army Black Knights– 11 wins last year and a record for them they hope to keep things rolling with their talented QB running and gunning. The expectation is a few Draft picks could be coming from Army in the near future Star Player– LB Cole Christiansen

Next time we look at schools by each Conference starting in talent order and the SEC,till then keep busy,its almost Football season. And also be sure to check our new revamped Facebook and Instagram out,we thank Touchdown House for the help and move into the new era with all new plans,check out College Football Collective and talk to us now!



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