Every year after the College Bowl season and National Finals the College football landscape takes a whole new look with the coaching carousel getting into full swing,add that with the NFL Draft taking the best players away some conferences can look totally opposite of the previous year.  This year of course is no different as we see some pivotal Head Coaches retire,move on to the NFL or resign for personal or performance based reasons.  So we will take a look at a couple of our HC moves this year and then rank the top 25 Coaches for the up coming season.

The first and most obvious move from College that NFL fans will know of was the move of Kliff Kingsbury from Texas Tech to Arizona Cardinals. Deemed a QB whisper being the QB coach at Texas A&M during Jonny Manziels time and also with Pat Mahomes at the Red Raiders,its easy to see why the Cardinals wanted the forward thinking HC to take the wheel. On the positive Kliff is dynamic Offence minded coach that will look to crack the code of making the Air Raid offence work in the NFL,watch for a lot of 3 and 4 WR sets being constantly used! On the negative however he’s a HC that even with some top quality QB’s in his time,and in the BIG12 where it’s all about the Offence,he failed to ever get a winning season bar one time. Personally he seems a better fit to take the reigns as an OC but in the NFL we all know crazy things can happen.

Next on our list is the the good time story of the newly acquired HC at Miami,Manny Diaz. If you don’t know his story we suggest taking a deeper look. A guy that worked hard to get a degree to finally get a job at ESPN,rose through the ranks to finally get a nod to get a coaching job in College and a pay cut! To cut the story short he makes his way up and noticed and the DC at the Hurricanes. As the season ended and moves were made Manny Diaz got the nod for the big chair and a dream come true for Manny,this is one HC we will be watching closely this season.

Next is no surprise for making this brief list,its Ohio States Urban Meyer. Without getting into much detail of his reasons,which are not great,he did look a different man on the sidelines this year and a man under alot of stress. As the Buckeyes bring up a HC from their ranks which we talk about later,Meyer will be missed,but the question of course will be how long does he stay out of coaching for or at least getting a call for a media job.

The last guy we like to mention who retired this year is a legend in the coaching world and personal favourite,its Kansas State HC Bill Snyder. Coaching well into his 80’s this season,showing his passion and love for coaching and football,Snyder was the epitome of routing for the underdog. For years,with very little,he was always able to keep the Wildcats relevant and competing,even when his recruiting class wasn’t the greatest. Whether Chris Klieman will get the same or greater success is yet to be decided,all we know is Bill will be missed around the League.

So now we move onto our HC Rankings for 2019. As the College League basis its rankings on the AP Top 25,we will do our Rankings the same way and rank our best top 25 HC coming into the season

1. Nick Saban  Alabama

2. Dabo Swinney  Clemson

3. Lincoln Riley  Oklahoma

4. Chris Petersen  Washington 

5. Kirby Smart  Georgia

6. Jimbo Fisher  Texas A&M

7. Gary Patterson  TCU

8. Dan Mullen  Florida

9. Brian Kelly  Notre Dame

10. James Franklin  Penn St

11. David Shaw  Stanford

12. Jim Harbaugh  Michingan

13. Mark Dantonio  Michigan St

14. Mike Gundy  Oklahoma St

15Pat Fitzgerald  Northwestern

16. David Cutcliffe  Duke

17. Tom Herman  Texas

18. Kyle Whittingham  Utah

19. Kirk Ferentz  Iowa

20. Paul Chryst  Wisconsin

21. Chip Kelly  UCLA

22. Matt Campbell  Iowa State

23. Gus Malzahn  Auburn

24. Mike Leach  Washington State

25. Will Muschamp  South Carolina


We do of course have a personal wildcard which we touched on earlier.  We expect and hope the new HC at Ohio State,Ryan Day,who took over for a short spell while Meyer was out to do well at his new position. He doesn’t make the top 25 but sits ready to take College royalty if he continues to work hard and take a good Buckeye team and lead them to glory once again.

Well that’s it again for some preseason rankings,next up ranking the teams and Conferences then as teams work out their Rosters and we get to see some workouts,we will have a dabble at ranking or Rookie Fantasy players,something our friends at 5 Yard Rush will enjoy!

Keep that tape rolling




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