So as promised with the questions coming in we decided a dedicated Q&A Session should come to order. So we took a handful of questions and went and jumped straight into them and deliver some answers. Each question we have the answers from all 4 of us so you have either a collective answer helping to give a definitive reply,or you get a nice broad mix to help show differing opinions on the subject,which we like more! Without any delay lets open the mailbag and see what we can find….

  1. What QB, RB and WR deserves to be spoken about more but still staying under the radar?

Ryan-  Jordan Ta’amu, QB, Ole Miss. Has all the skills but lacks the experience and position IQ with only one year as a starter in the FBS (plus 5 games in 2017). Is the best developmental QB prospect in this draft and could be quick developer with the right team and veteran to learn from.

Wes Hills, RB, Slippery Rock. In 2018 Hills ran for 1,714 yards despite missing two games to injury. A powerful running back with great lean and anticipation, you probably wont hear a lot about him but that goes with the territory of being from a Division II school.

Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson. So he is undersized and wont be the quickest guy in the WR group by a long shot but…. he can catch literally anything, has quick feet and salsa hips to create separation.

Mike-  QB, Brett Rypien. In a game where the field gets smaller and smaller with the NFL Defences are stepping up their game,accuracy is becoming the most important trait a QB can posses coming up from College. Rypien has probably the most accurate arm of all the QBs this year,if you don’t believe me go back and watch some tape on him throwing some real tight window throws and dropping the ball inch perfect on some deep buckets.

RB, Devine Ozigbo. Here’s a guy literally no one is talking about,so much so he wasn’t even invited to the Combine. Watch the Shrine Game,that’s all i need to say,it should be enough to make you look into him a bit more

WR, Emanuel Hall. For a WR the two most important traits are speed and skill. Hall has the speed thats for sure and shows flashes of good ball skills. His high drop rate keeps him from being talked about to much but if gets that under control he could have a good career

Joel- WR, Penny Hart, Georgia. He should be talked about more

Craig-  QB Daniel Jones Duke. This kid is tough and he is not afraid to take a hit! I actually though he played really well in the senior bowl and will jump up boards come the combine! If I’m a betting man then I think the redskins will have an eye on him

RB Justice Hill. Over 1400 yards rushing in both his seasons and a serviceable receiver even if his stats don’t show it! If you haven’t seen him play think Darren Sproles! Would be a good change of pace back for someone

WR Andy Isabella. Honestly hadn’t seen much of him until the senior bowl then he caught a lot of people eyes! His speed and cuts are incredibly fast he’s the perfect slot receiver.

2. Do you think we will ever see a Ricky Williams type Draft again?

Mike- To put a pin in yes or no I would say no,but in the NFL anything can happen. Lessons of course do get learned,remember this cost a lot of people their jobs soon after

Joel- I just don’t see an entire Draft being given away for a player again,mostly due to the fact teams are interested in 1st and 2nd picks (Including future picks). We still see some big trades for QB needy teams.

Craig- No! Teams will never give that much again

Ryan- I would never say…never. But it is highly unlikely.

3. Yet again this is supposedly a “poor QB class” how many still go round 1?

Craig- Four will go 1st Round,but I will say 3 in the top 15 as I think someone will force themselves up Boards after the Combine

Joel- You could possibly see 4 QBs go 1st Round

Ryan- I think 4 Quarterbacks will go in the first round and at-least 2 in the top 10. There are some QB desperate teams in this draft and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a trade or two as teams try and move up to get their guy.

Mike- Ok so 2 go early,Haskins and Murray. Drew Lock goes in the 1st Round a few picks down the Board,at a push a team will over reach and take Rypien or Jones,well to be honest every pick for a QB 1st Round will be an over reach. So 3 maybe 4.

4. Do you think this is a trade up or trade back kind of year?

Joel- There’s not too many true Top 10 players,so you could ague Trade back option is there. Otherwise trading is always the same for me,it depends who you’re trading for or trading away from.

Ryan- I think there will be lots of trades overall. The Raiders, Packers, Broncos and Browns have multiple picks and for differing reasons will aim to improve the quality of those picks by trading quantity. Other teams to watch are the Jets, Buccs and Redskins. The Jets and Buccs need to rebuild their teams and have an opportunity to trade down and accumulate round 3 and 4 talent to fill gaps

Mike- 1st Round there will be a scramble to get up the Board after that teams will look to Trade down and accumulate picks and still grab talent

5. Hidden late round prospect you would most want on your team?

Ryan- Well I am a Titans fan and would absolutely delighted if we drafted any of my under the radar players.

Mike- A fancy Day 3 pick for the Cowboys hmmmmm. Maybe a RB like Rodney Anderson to take some load of Zeke or Trayveon Williams. Otherwise they could be looking at a TE like Drew Sample around that range

Craig- Andy Isabella. See my previous answer for reasons and he will be a great replacement if the Cowboys move on from Beasley

6. How big of a concern is Murrays baseball background as such?

Mike- How could it not be a concern? A lot of talk from the Combine was how poorly he interviewed,and his white board work was extremely poor according to reports. With that the issue becomes that things will go wrong,when they do how will he react?

Craig- I’m sure I will answer this question the same way as some of my colleagues! His baseball background doesn’t bother me at all it’s his size that does. If he goes somewhere that doesn’t protect him I fear for his health already

Joel- Its a concern, it’s a very unique situation. It doesn’t make it any easier with quarterback being such an important position. Teams will have the chance to interview him and make a judgement

Ryan- None at all. Some of the greatest QB’s of all time and some of top QB’s in the present day league have been at some point multi-sport talents. The skill set of baseball transfers brilliantly to the QB role, my issues with Murray are size and durability.

7. Who’s this years Dak Prescott?

Craig- Easton Stick! He won’t go as low down as Dak but he seems to have been forgotten in the QB shake up! He is a legit duel threat QB but does lack a bit of height and hasn’t played against really high level competition, but he will be a project for someone looking for value in their picks.

Joel- Not the type of class for me to find a mid round starter but Brett Rypien has a chance to be a solid back up as a floor

Ryan- Not the type of class for me to find a mid round starter but Brett Rypien has a chance to be a solid back up as a floor.

Dak Prescott Will Grier
Height 6’2” 6’2”
Weight 226 221
Arm 32.2 30.8
Hand 10.80 9.48
40 Time 4.79 4.84

Mike- So an out of the blue Mid Round QB that could surprise? Jordan Ta’amu I would have to say,at the right place he could get in as a starter and surprise

8. Of the Top 5 QBs,what traits would you pick from each to make a super QB?

Ryan- Haskins – Arm Strength, Murray – Playmaker, Lock – Athleticism, Jones – Big Bodied, Grier – Anticipation

Mike- Ryan Finley’s experience. Tyree Jackson’s build and size. Brett Rypien’s mechanics. Murray’s speed and escapism. Dwayne Haskins arm strength. Will Grier’s anticipation. Gardner Minshew’s pocket presence

Craig-  I’m changing the question slightly as I feel for me the top five isn’t set yet but I will go with these five to get the Super QB. Haskins Poise. Murray’s big and accurate arm. Drew Locks improvisation. Daniel Jones decision making. Tyree Jackson’s size.

9. Cardinals at 1-QB,OL or DE?

Mike- If I was the GM I would take Bosa. Keep moulding and training Rosen,there’s enough to work with there with him and they haven’t wasted a pick in 2018. Take an unbelievable pass rusher which gives the Cardinals a threat to keep the opposing QB back and a favourable field for Rosen to play in. It’s clear the Cardinals need to build up so why waste a year of development in Rosen and lose out on a good DE.

Craig- The Cardinals will Draft Bosa. As of yet I’ve seen nothing to change my mind

Joel- DE if they keep Rosen,wouldn’t rule out Kyler Murray going 1 overall though…

Ryan- Bosa or bust

10. What college team do you follow and why?

Craig- I’m a Wisconsin Badgers fan! Watched a few games didn’t feel the love for any team till I saw the Badgers jump around. That was it for me I now have more love for them than my NFL team

Joel- Don’t follow a team, just study the games.

Ryan- University of Tennessee Volunteers. I worked in Knoxville over the summer of 2003, fell in love with the City, State and Football have never looked back since. Go Vols!

Mike- GIG ‘EM! Texas A&M Aggies maroon out all the way! A long story but basically family,one day the return to the Lone Star state and Kyle Field will be set and I will not want to leave,it’s just a matter of time

11. Jags are saying it’s Kyler Murray,will he work for us?

Joel- It could work, but they could also go Lock or Daniels, if Haskins and Murray are taken ahead

Ryan- Personally no. I think the Jaguars would be best suited trading for a veteran, the current team is built to win now especially the defence. I don’t think the Jaguars have the patience to wait for a rookie to develop. However any team that drafts Murray will need to invest in offensive guards to ensure he has a deeper pocket to negate his height issues. If the Jaguars did go down the Murray route upgrades on Omemah and Cann

Mike- With the OLine that the Jags currently have NO! He would be beaten to an inch of his life. Sure he’s not much smaller than Russell Wilson and can escape like Wilson,but at Oklahoma Murray had an insanely good OLine that helped keep him clean and unbeaten. Jags do need QB but with Legal Tampering coming up that should tell us whether the Jags go and get a Veteran or trade up to grab Haskins or Lock. If Murray had a better OLine at Jacksonville he could work

Craig- The Jags need a new QB that’s obvious and maybe Murray is the man. Personally I think the Giants will grab him first so someone like Daniel Jones might be a better pick up

12. In 3 words describe the QB Class this year

Ryan- Bring on 2020

Mike- Always wanting more

Craig- One Franchise Player

Joel- Not That Great

13. What take do you disagree on that the other guys have mentioned?

Mike- I just disagree with everything to see what reaction I get and get a different perspective. But I do think that Jeffery Simmons goes late Day 2 or Day 3 now but some think he goes no further than Round 2. Don’t think it’s a bad idea taking him 2nd Round but if my team is in the chase for the Playoffs I’m leaving sizzle and taking him much later to the development rounds

Craig- As if we disagree on anything 😁 but I’m not as excited by Hockenson as the others are which normally means he will be a stud and I will be wrong

Ryan- I am not as hot as the other guys on Ole Miss WR D.K Metcalf. While everyone in the world can see that guy is an athletic beast I dont think he possesses the instincts that deserve the hype. He had a season ending neck injury in 2018 and in total only had 67 receptions in three years for the Rebels.


And there you have it,the maiden Q&A Session for everyone. Hope you enjoyed and helped put some ideas out there for everyone looking at the Draft. We would like to thank everyone for the questions and support,and of course apologise if we didn’t include anyone’s questions this time. If you have anything to ask,or want to add some questions to our mailbag that could hit our next Q&A session,then feel free to send them to, or join us at Touchdown House College and join the conversation and fun. Many thanks again.

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