Earlier this week Daniel Jeremiah on the Move the Sticks Podcast explain some of the base measurements for “clean” players to look for at this weeks combine, unfortunately he only he only cover the TE and OL so I have finished this for all positions. Just remember the scouting process has well over 50 different stages before the Commissioner comes out on that podium in Nashville to call names and how prospects measure is is just one of them. However it is an important one, it allows some prospects to tick all boxes for teams to move to more in-depth character, style and fit research, for others it can raise questions which need to be tested a pro-days and team workouts. For some players how you measure at the Combine will literally drop you off a teams board completely.
So I have taken the pre-draft, pro day and NFL Combine measurements for the top ten ranked in each position for the 2018 season, then simply come up with an average. This average is our “clean” benchmark, I hope it will be useful for you guys that are watching the Combine to see the numbers that team will be looking at.


Height                           6’2″
Weight                          219lbs
Arm Length                  32″
Hands                           9 2/5
40 Yard Dash               4.83
3 Cone                          7.09
20 Yard Shuttle           4.29
Wonderlic                     31


Height                          6’0″
Weight                         221lbs
Arm Length                 31 2/3
Hands                          9 2/3
40 Yard Dash              4.50
Vertical                        36 2/5
Bench                          19
Broad Jump                10ft 1″

Wide Receivers

Height                          6’1″

Weight                         205lbs
Arm Length                32 7/8″
Hands                         9 3/4″
40 Yard Dash             4.46
3 Cone                        6.84
Vertical                       36 3/4
Broad Jump               10ft 2″

Tight End

Height                          6’4″
Weight                         252lbs
Arm Length                 33 4/5″
Hands                          10 1/8″
40 Yard Dash              4.64
3 Cone                         7.12
Vertical                        35 1/3
Bench                          20

Offensive Tackle

Height                          6’5″
Weight                         313lbs
Arm Length                33 7/8″
Hands                         9 7/8″
10 Yard Split              1.75
20 Yard Shuttle          4.64
Broad Jump               9ft 1″
Bench                          25

Offensive Guard/Centre

Height                          6’3″
Weight                         306lbs
Arm Length                 32 3/4
Hands                          9 7/8
10 Yard Split               1.77
20 Yard Shuttle          4.60
Broad Jump               8ft 9″
Bench                          29

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