We finally made it,the last pre Combine rankings for everyone with the Defensive Backs taking to the field at the Combine it’s all about timing,right? We was of course planning for the ranking section of the Draft breakdown to of been completed earlier but as mentioned before,its tricky with personal constraints with everyone to get definitive rankings. But it’s done and this time we have 2 rankings to go over in both the Corner and Safety position.

If you go back to the LB rankings we mentioned that scheme and positional fit was important,but the DB is by far the most the most important in this field. A lot of questions that get asked post Draft is why a team drafted a player of what is deemed to be of lesser talent when others were available. That question of course can be broken down a lot of ways but one will be down to how the coaches invisidge the players skills fitting the teams scheme,this in the DB position carries more true than any other. The positions nuances and sub categories are massive. The case of saying is a Corner an outside or Nickle corner or a Safety a Free or Strong is just the tip of the iceberg when breaking these guys down. As always anyone wanting anything breaking down from our rankings and want more information our door is open.  But without any further delay let’s get into it and get you some names to look for:-



  1. B. Murphy  Washington
  2. G. Williams  LSU
  3. D. Baker  Georgia
  4. A. Oruwariye  Penn State
  5. T. Mullen  Clemson
  6. K. Boyd  Texas
  7. J. Love  Notre Dame
  8. R. Ya-Sin  Temple
  9. D. Long  Michigan 
  10. A. Hooker  Iowa


  1. G. Williams  LSU
  2. B. Murphy  Washington 
  3. D. Baker  Georgia
  4. T. Mullen  Clemson
  5. J. Love  Notre Dame
  6. A. Oruwariye  Penn State
  7. D. Long  Michigan
  8. R. Ya-Sin  Temple
  9. M. Jackson  Miami
  10. M. Hartage  Northwestern 



  1. T. Rapp  Washington 
  2. D. Thompson  Alabama 
  3. N. Adderley  Delaware 
  4. C. Gardner-Johnson  Florida 
  5. J. Abram  Mississippi State 
  6. J. Johnson  Miami 
  7. J. Thornhill  Virginia 
  8. D. Savage  Maryland 
  9. M. Edwards  Kentucky 
  10. L. Denis  Boston College 


  1. N. Adderley  Delaware 
  2. D. Thompson  Alabama 
  3. J. Thornhill  Virginia 
  4. C. Gardner-Johnson  Florida
  5. T. Rapp  Washington 
  6. D. Savage  Maryland 
  7. J. Abram  Mississippi State 
  8. M. Blair  Utah
  9. U. Amadi  Oregon
  10. J. Johnson  Miami

So for the first time we finally get through the pre Combine rankings in a hope to get everyone checking some names out as they gain more publicity over the next following weeks. We will as previously stated revisit these rankings and get a consensus of them all and do a Top 100. Next up we look to do a Mock Draft after the Combine,Scout Reports,we also have some articles to help you all get some idea of what to be looking for in each position,and Prospect benchmarks you should expect. Next up is our first Q&A which we have been getting through and if we haven’t messaged you back with the questions handed to us we will get to you or you may see it appear in our regular Q&A sessions,feel free to keep them coming of course. But for now enjoy the Combine,we hope the lists have helped this past week and more content coming out as we continue to the road the Draft and beyond.

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