With the start of us breaking into the Defensive positions yesterday we continue today moving out of the trenches and into the Linebacker position. We have 3 Rankings out for you today and as always if anyone wants further clarification and breaking the positions down further then get in touch and we can always assist. We will be mixing both Inside and Outside Linebackers in the rankings as break them down,but of course remember its not just as simple as breaking them down to these two groupings. Linebacker is broken down into so many smaller subgroups by their playing style and physical attributes,and of course that means that these guys are one of the most scheme dependant players getting Drafted this year with maybe Defensive Backs being the only other guys that trump them in being so team dependant for production. But lets hit these rankings and break it down and tomorrow we get to check out the DBs and get into some individual reports post Combine.


  1. D. White  LSU
  2. D. Bush  Michigan
  3. K. Hodge  Buffalo
  4. M. Wilson  Alabama
  5. T. Lamar  Clemson
  6. TJ Edwards  Wisconsin
  7. V. Joseph  Florida
  8. Te’Von Coney  Notre Dame
  9. G. Pratt  NC State
  10. T. Watson  Maryland


  1. D. White  LSU
  2. D. Bush Michigan
  3. D. Allen  Texas Tech
  4. M. Wilson  Alabama
  5. TJ Edwards  Wisconsin
  6. V. Joseph  Florida
  7. D. Long Jr  West Virginia
  8. G. Johnson  Texas
  9. G. Pratt  NC State
  10. J. Giles-Harris  Duke


  1. D. White  LSU
  2. D. Bush  Michigan
  3. M. Wilson  Alabama
  4. V. Joseph  Florida
  5. B. Okereke  Stanford
  6. J. Giles-Harris  Duke
  7. D. Long Jr  West Virginia 
  8. K. Hodge  Buffalo
  9. G. Pratt  NC State
  10. T. Lamar  Clemson

This time round the lists are pretty equal as it turns out. One or two names to play with but generally the lists seem pretty mirrored with each other and showing that this years Linebacker group are easily translatable in their skill sets. The list is obviously more ILB but you will find some on the list that are OLB or look in the NFL that could move outside depending on scheme and positional fit. Tomorrow we finish the ranking with DBs and get more in depth and hopefully create more talk about the upcoming crop of future stars

Keep that tape rolling


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