For the first time in our rankings process we finally get to flip it and check out the Defensive side of the ball. Since we finished on the O-Line we follow suit in running it down and do the D-Line this time around and break the big guys down.

So we have 3 rankings this time around,2 with Inside Defensive Linemen,or DT if you prefer. And 3 rankings on Edge or DE. As it’s always been said “Defence wins championships”,and given the evidence that statement rings quite true. College at the moment seems to find ways to produce some top quality defensive players,a lot of reasons behind that trend but this year it continues,even more so with the D-Line players. IDL and Edge this year is filled with depth and players with a range of skills that can fit most schemes in all NFL teams. There’s space eaters,run stuffers and pass rushers a plenty this year and as we get to the Combine the noticeable traits will show themselves and become obvious which category these guys fall into. There’s no denying it,that if QB in this league is the most important position,then Pass Rush is close behind! The importance of getting a solid fit at the pass rush and DT position is extremely high in team War Rooms,no matter a teams position or Depth Chart they will spend a great deal of time looking at these guys. Like we said earlier that the position is full of depth this year but that doesn’t mean what you Draft in the first or second round you can get in the later rounds,the talent is there,but looking at the group the drop off isn’t huge in comparative rounds but there is a drop off. We are talking Nick Bosa, Montez Sweat, Zach Allen here,and each projecting a round below each other,the talent of each guy is great,but the differences are obvious and levels of production at the next stage would be inferior with each lower round. So let’s break these guys down and hand you some rankings and get into the Linebacker position tomorrow and get wrapping up as the Combine gets going at Indianapolis

Inside Defensive Line


  1. Q. Williams  Alabama 
  2. E. Oliver  Houston
  3. R. Gary  Michigan
  4. D. Lawrence  Clemson
  5. C. Wilkins  Clemson
  6. I. Buggs  Alabama
  7. J. Tillery  Notre Dame
  8. J. Simmons  Mississippi State
  9. C. Omenihu  Texas
  10. Dre’Mont Jones  Ohio State


  1. Q. Williams  Alabama
  2. E. Oliver  Houston
  3. C. Wilkins  Clemson
  4. C. Omenihu  Texas
  5. I. Buggs  Alabama
  6. D. Lawrence  Clemson
  7. Dre’Mont Jones  Ohio State
  8. J. Tillery  Notre Dame
  9. G. Willis  Miami
  10. D. Wise  Kansas



  1. N. Bosa  Ohio State
  2. J. Allen  Kentucky
  3. C. Ferrell  Clemson
  4. M. Sweat  Mississippi State
  5. Z. Allen  Boston College
  6. J. Polite  Florida
  7. B. Burns  Florida State
  8. J. Ferguson  Louisiana Tech
  9. O. Ximines  Old Dominion 
  10. L.J Collier  TCU


  1. N. Bosa  Ohio State
  2. J. Allen  Kentucky
  3. B. Burns  Florida State
  4. C. Ferrell  Clemson
  5. J. Polite  Florida
  6. M. Sweat  Mississippi State
  7. R. Gary  Michigan 
  8. C. Miller  Alabama
  9. A. Nelson  Iowa
  10. D’Andre Walker  Georgia 


  1. N. Bosa  Ohio State
  2. J. Allen  Kentucky 
  3. C. Ferrell  Clemson
  4. B. Burns  Florida State
  5. J. Polite  Florida
  6. J. Ferguson  Louisiana Tech
  7. M. Sweat  Mississippi State
  8. O. Ximines  Old Dominion 
  9. Z. Allen  Boston College
  10. C. Winovich  Michigan 

So we hit the ground running with the Defensive Prospects. A lot for everyone to take away and take a look at and watch at the Combine. In both positions the top 2 or 3 spots are pretty definitive,after that the mix gets very interesting and names put at different positions and even a complete change or new names in each list. The wildcard in this position group would be Jeffery Simmons. DT out of Mississippi State,he’s out for the season completely with a nasty ACL tear he caught a couple of weeks back. It’s clear he has great talent and a range of skills that translates well in the NFL,some people even rank him near the very top at the IDL position. Here he lands just in the Top 10 in one ranking and out completely in another. Taking the fact that the position he plays where flexibility and power from legs is the basis for these guys,and he comes to the Draft with already an injury that when recovered a year from now can be worrisome in a repeat problem,then add in he also brings an issue of character concerns to the table,for one ranking handing a cheque of million dollars is not worth the risk,where as for the other,examples of taking chance can bring reward,last example being LB Jaylon Smith of Dallas Cowboys.

We start again tomorrow with the LB Corp and wrap it all up with our favourite DBs,but for now here’s the start of breaking the D-Line down and sit back to enjoy some Combine goodness!

Keep that tape rolling


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