With the end of the College Season and the College Championship far in the rear view mirror,there’s nothing but open road and green grass to the NFL Draft 2019. With that a series of up coming Draft Prospects on All32 is at the ready!

Over the next few weeks,and months,the Snap Scouting Series will give a breakdown of the ”who’s who” and the future stars for readers to load up on and gain knowledge of what hopeful players declaring in the Draft get the scouts motors running.

Although there will be chances to ask questions and get more in-depth analysis of players and positions,the scout reports will be kept as snappy and simplified as possible,but kept balanced with as much relevant information for everyone to digest and enjoy. Player Rankings and Position rankings will be posted as often as possible,or if there is a major update or change as the months ahead develop the rankings will occur more regularly (which is guaranteed at some point). Also as the questions come in,an article dedicated to everyone’s queries from the various sites we operate with will be available and help fill in any gaps people may have,and also opinions and questions help fill gaps this side to!

The East/West Shrine game which is set to hit the airwaves on Saturday,and the next place we visit in the series,means the following article will help explain and point out which players to watch,and which players look set to take their public profile to the next grade. For now we leave you knowing that the series has started and everyone reading is free to send any questions and start filling the mailbag up,send any question or criticisms to mpolscout@dallasmail.com and a Q&A will follow.

Keep that tape rolling!

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