They say all good things must come to an and end and so it proved last night as the Saints fell 13-10 @ the Dallas Cowboys.

As I was thinking about what to put here today it started off as doom and gloom and negative but thinking about it a bit more rationally than I was watching the game live last night that’s not what I am going to do.

First off, all credit to the Cowboys defence, they did a hell of a job at containing the Saints offence and limiting the Saints to just ten points – carry on playing like that on D and they could go deep into the playoffs. I actually really want to play them again this season and if it happens it is likely to be in New Orleans so we will see if they can replicate it. The main issue was the pressure created by the defensive line, lets not forget, we were down Terron Armstead and he is a huge loss to this team.

However, the Cowboys didn’t beat the Saints last night, the Saints beat the Saints. From the very first drive you could see the offence was not firing on all cylinders and it was a perfect storm of the Cowboys D playing lights out and the Saints offence and Brees having a bit of a stinker. Lets be honest, that wont happen again and a fully firing Saints offence wouldn’t have had too much trouble scoring on the Cowboys. I am not concerned about the offence (yet) but they do need to step it up again to ensure they win out from here.  The early decision to go for it on fourth down was the right call but credit the Cowboys, they covered that play really well.

The Saints defence again played really well last night, we had the usual scripted plays issue to start the game but after that the Cowboys did very little. The run defence kept Elliott in check and aside from a couple of early throws, Dak Prescott couldn’t consistently throw the ball, again, we created turnovers which bodes very well for the rest of the season.

My main negative thought on last night was the standard of the officiating for both teams, this isn’t me trying to blame the refs for the Saints defeat as they got calls wrong both ways, however, the Saints were on the receiving end of two of the poorer decisions:

  • Jaylon Smith leading with the helmet against Kamara
  • Cole Beasley 3rd down conversion where he was CLEARLY two yards short

How the refs didn’t throw a flag on the Smith hit is beyond me, that was a crucial third down that should have resulted in a 15 yard penalty and a 1st down inside the Cowboys 25, but for some unknown reason the flags were not thrown. I fully expect Smith to be hit with a fine this week but that doesn’t help the Saints really. The NFL preach player safety but that was a very poor missed call that probably cost the Saints at least a tie and a chance at Overtime

Like I said above, it was just a bad day at the office but should give us a kick up the backside to win the last four games. Just got to hope that the Rams drop one now so we can get back the 1 seed.

We are 10-2 with 4 games to go, still have a chance to record our best ever regular season record and we are still the Saints. Stay Positive!!!



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