Aaron Rodgers is no Gouda!

All great posts start with a pun, but is it time Green bay start looking to replace Aaron Rodgers?

Simply yes…. Rodgers return to the NFL probably hasn’t been as glorious as he would have probably wanted, a winning record but not “winning” performances.

Two fourth quarter comebacks, one winning by a point the other getting some very questionable holding calls. A draw at Lambeau field against not only divisional rivals but the team who put an end to his season. Rodgers would have wanted that game to show the Vikings that he has come back stronger than ever but instead showing that he is not the QB he once was.

So what has changed at Green Bay?

Well not actually a lot which is part of the problem, none of their rookies are having stand out performances, a case could be made for Jaire Alexander but that is what you expect from your round one pick. A few ageing superstars like Clay Matthews struggling to understand you can’t jump on the QB anymore and he has Rodgers to thank for that change. Clinton-Dix’s name has never been more fitting as the only one laughing is the opposition offensive co-coordinator.

How to stop Rodgers…

A couple of seasons ago this answer would be very different, very difficult to answer, now not so much, just look at the two close wins Bears and Niners, get a good strong defense and protect against the deep threat. Both games went down to the wire and if both their defenses had a little more in the tank and Rogers hadn’t got the benefit of some questionable calls Green Bay’s bye week would look very different at 1-4-1.

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