Tight ends are more valuable in fantasy than Belichick is to the Patriots. Madness, I hear you say, nay impossible more like. This article will change your mind and if it doesn’t, then I hope I draft against you next year.

There are 4, just 4, top level, elite tight ends. If Hunter Henry can step into the limelight after Antonio Gates is out the picture then there maybe, just maybe there is 5 top guys. The points differential between the top 4 and everyone else this year is frightening.

Here are 2 teams first four round picks in a 10 team full PPR league from the 5th and 6th spots.

Team A’s players fantasy points are in draft order. Player 1, 293.4 points, player 2, 264 points, player 3, 218 points & player 4, 265.9. These total 1041.3 fantasy points on the season to date.

Team B’s players fantasy points are in draft order. Player 1, 298.4 points, player 2, 208.3 points, player 3, 283 points & player 4, 141.3 points. These total 930.7 fantasy points on the season to date.

Now, on paper, it’s easy to say I’ll take Team A if given the choice. Now let me tell you the reason that Team A is leading from a points perspective. Team A is leading because of Travis Kelce. Stefon Diggs went one spot ahead of Kelce and Adam Thielen went just after. Thielen has scored 287 fantasy points this season and nobody could have predicted that rate. Diggs however, has scored 205.6 fantasy points so far this season. Had Diggs been drafted instead of Kelce, Team A would only be 40 points ahead instead of over 100.

Take the number one overall Tight End this year, Travis Kelce. He has 173.9 fantasy points over the season to date at an average of 13.4 points per game in standard league settings. In PPR, this is even higher at 265.9 after catching 86 receptions off of 123 targets. This is comparable to Melvin Gordon who in PPR has 247.5 fantasy points and Kareem Hunt who had 230.2 fantasy points. Kelce is almost touching the points highs of Ezekiel Elliot who has 293.4. Ok so not quite at Zeek’s level but not far off and well above the two running backs mentioned. Gordon and Hunt were round one or early round two draft picks, whereas Kelce went in the fourth or fifth rounds in all our leagues.

The drop-off in points between Kelce as the number 1 ranked TE (265.9 PPR) to O.J Howard (120 PPR) in 6th is massive! To add to this, O.J Howard has missed 4 of his teams 13 games and he is out for the season, yet is still a top 6 Tight End. In any other position, this would not be possible. Fact.

The gap from Kelce to Howard is a mind blowing 145.9 points over the season to date. That same gap at running back is Todd Gurley ranked 1st with 331.7 PPR points in the season to Alvin Kamara ranked at five who has 298.4 is only 33.3 points for the season. At Wide Receiver, the number one player, Tyreek Hill, who was a second round pick, has 278.2 fantasy points per game compared to the fifth receiver Julio Jones who has 264 fantasy points over the season to date. That’s a difference of 14.2 points. Looking at these numbers it seems almost impossible to not take an elite Tight End early in next years draft. If you are in the middle of the draft or on the turn it seems illogical not to take Kelce, Ertz, Kittle or Gronk (in that order too) early and bag those fantasy points each and every week. Take a bell cow running back and then a tight end and you’ll be laughing.

By taking a tight end early and playing the waiver wire to grab Wide Receivers and Running Backs when they become relevant is a much safer way to score more consistently. This is because Tight Ends are rarer on the wire due to the fact there is only four or five studs at the position. I bet a signed photo of the podcast crew that most championship winning sides this year own Kelce, Ertz and at a push Kittle.

Here at 5 Yard Rush we will be taking a tight end stud early next year, will you join us?


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