The Saints and the Rams already look to have secured both the divisions they play in and byes for the playoffs but who else in the NFC looks likely at the moment to make the post-season and compete for Superbowl glory as the NFC representative. This blog post will be a quick look at the chances of the teams I believe still have a chance at getting to the playoffs and make some bold predictions.

3. Bears, 8-3

The Bears are rolling, even without Trubisky they managed to extend to a 3 game winning streak, all division wins as well, this now puts them a top of the NFC North and seemingly playoff bound, I am a huge fan of what they are doing and fully expect them to be secure the number 3 seed and be declared Kings of the North. Especially if Trubisky is back in time for the crunch game against the Packers.

Remaining Games: (@Giants, Rams, Packers, @49ers, @Vikings)
Prediction: 3-2,11-5, Division Winners

4. Cowboys, 6-5

Thanksgiving was a statement, the Cowboys O-Line is back, Elliot is going to run over teams and barring any big injuries they look a strong and sensible bet to win the tight NFC east. Improving each week and sending a statement as they go. I was unsure on the trade for Amari Cooper but it looks like its paying off and they look playoff bound despite a tough matchup this week.

Remaining Games: (Saints, Eagles, @Colts, Bucs, @Giants)
Prediction: 3-2, 9-7, Division Winners

5. Vikings, 6-4-1

Last year the Vikings had a miracle at home to get to the NFC Championship game but ultimately fell short, they improved at the most important position in football, QB. Yet they seem worse, I still think they get to the playoffs but a lack of a running game is killing this team at the moment and if they want a long “run” in the playoffs they need to find a way to run that ball! Tricky games against the Pats and Seahawks could go a long way to deciding the fate of this years Vikings.

Remaining Games: (@Patriots, @Seahawks, Dolphins, @Lions, Bears)
Prediction: 3-2, 9-6-1, 5th Seed

6. Washington, 6-5

Meh, that’s how I feel about the Washington Redskins at the moment, I think they are heading for 8-8 even with Colt McCoy as the starter they should still be able to get at least 2 more wins, they are in control over there own destiny at the moment, they are in a straight race against the Cowboys and arguably have an easier schedule ahead.
Remaining Games: (@Eagles, Giants, @Jags, @Titans, Eagles)
Prediction: 2-3, 8-8, Out

7. Seahawks, 6-5

Coming off 2 wins and with a favourable schedule, Russel Wilson is looking like a man possessed. They look fearless and unstoppable at times, the whole of NFC might well be looking at the Seahawks and fearing a potential match up in the playoffs, they can win on any given Sunday.
Remaining Games: ( 49ers, Vikings, @49ers, Chiefs, @Cards )
Prediction: 3-2, 9-7 , 6th Seed (Via Division record) 

8. Panthers, 6-5

My co-host on the ALL32 Podcast Rob has previously told his fellow Panthers fans not to panic, but after defeat at home to the Seahawks it might be time to. There is a lot to like about this team, the defense is still good, Cam Newton is great, McCaffrey a true warrior yet they are still battling to stay in contention, 2 games against the Saints and a tricky road trip to Cleveland could be deciding factors down the stretch.
Remaining Games: (@Bucs, @Browns, Saints, Falcons, @Saints)
Prediction: 3-2, 9-7, Out


The defending Superbowl champions are about to join a group of winners to disappear from the picture and leave most casual Superbowl only viewers asking, “Where have they gone?” With 3 divisional games and a right division they can still quite easily make the playoffs and chase that glory as a underdog again. To get there they need show some consistency on what has been an erratic 11 games, unfortunately I don’t see it at the moment.
Remaining Games: (Redskins, @Cowboys, @Rams, Texans, @Redskins)
Prediction: 2-3, 7,9, Out

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