As Week 12 approaches, the race for the playoffs heats up, the AFC might however already know its 4 division winners, All 4 of them going into this week are 2 games clear. The Steelers, Chiefs, Patriots, and Texans may already all be there but whose competing for a shot at wild card weekend and Superbowl glory.

In the Hunt.

5. Chargers 7-3

Currently sit 2 games back from the Chiefs yet 2 games ahead of the next wild-card contender, the Chargers look to have already booked themselves into a place in January. Also, Joey Bosas return should give them a timely boost.

Remaining Games:  (Cards, @Steelers, Bengals, @Chiefs, Ravens, @Broncos )

Prediction: 4-2, 11-5 – Playoff bound! 

6. Ravens 5-5
One of 5 teams currently sat at 5-5 The Ravens would currently be in front by division and conference record. Though I expect Flacco to return and he may still yet offer them the best short-term shot at glory, this Ravens team to need to discover what they have in Lamar Jackson, as written by Simon Jones here.

Remaining Games: (Raiders, @Falcons, @Chiefs, Bucs, @Chargers, Browns )

Prediction: 3-3, 8-8 – Not In!

7. Bengals 5-5
The Bengals are in reverse, Andy Dalton has fully returned to his middleman, average quarterback and if a team reflected its quarterback more I’d be surprised. This might be the last shot Marvin Lewis has, he will have to get his Bengals team to the playoffs and break that hoodoo to convince many Bengals fans he’s the right choice moving forward.

Remaining Games: (Browns, Broncos, @Chargers, Raiders, @Browns, @Steelers )

Prediction: 2-4, 7-9 – Not In! 

8. Dolphins 5-5
Ryan Tannehill gives the Dolphins hope, the Dolphins with him were 3-2 and looking like shock candidates to go on a run, without him they are 2-3. This weeks match up against the Colts could have huge playoff implications for the loser. However if the Dolphins are to reach the postseason I’d like to see a stronger running game, only 1 game all year they’ve had a rusher go over 100 yards.

Remaining Games: ( @Colts, Bills, Patriots, @Vikings, Jags, @Bills )

Prediction: 3-3, 8-8 – Not In!

9. Colts 5-5
Continuing on to those Colts, an impressive divisional win against the Titans last week should give every Colts fan a reason to be hopeful, Andrew Luck looks to be back to his back, the offensive line is protecting him more in pocket, he’s throwing deep again and this team is possibly behind the Chiefs, Rams, and Saints the prettiest offense on the eye at the moment.
Remaining Games: ( Dolphins, @Jags, @Texans, Cowboys, Giants, @Titans )

Prediction: 5-1, 10-6, Playoff bound! 

10. Titans 5-5
I had high hopes for the Titans, I thought they might be the challengers to the Texans in this division but sadly a blow out loss to the Colts leaves them high and dry and facing an uphill battle for the wildcard. Mariota health will remain the key factor for them down the stretch.
Remaining Games: ( @Texans, Jets, Jags, @Giants, Redskins, Colts )

Prediction: 3-3, 8-8, Not In! 

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