I write this from a Browns perspective, but guess that fans and those involved with other clubs could also have similar views.

Isn’t it about time the NFL reviewed the condition of officials and put an age cap on those who control the on-field activities?

I am not ageist. I’m approaching 60.

But the notion of having officials of 60+ years of age, and there are plenty of them, is now beyond a quaint part of the game. The sport has moved on at such a pace, and officials struggle to keep up.

Running around the field like they are trying to make the last bus, not keeping up with play and failing to see obvious things during games has become commonplace

Three times this season, the NFL admitted there were bad calls against The Cleveland Browns at crucial stages of games. Surely, the incident against Baltimore Ravens will be a fourth.

A Lamar Jackson fumble at the goal line in the final two minutes of the half was picked up by Jabrill Peppers, who had 90-plus yards of open field in front of him. But officials signaled touchdown on the play and quickly blew their whistles as the ball was pushed out of Jackson’s hands.
Replay showed that Jackson had not crossed the goal line with the ball. Officials reviewed the play and awarded possession to the Browns at their own 7-yard line.

No doubt, other teams will point to bad calls that have been rife this season.

Ed Hochuli retired this year at the age of 68. He was an exceptional referee and communicator, but sadly head and shoulders above others in his age group that struggle in a sport that has the very top sports stars competing at the highest level for the biggest prizes.

It’s time to review the situation. Coaches and players rely on their records and success rates by results. Too many games in the modern era are being determined by bad calls.

It’s time for change.


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