Eagles@ Bears

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I really like the Bears, I love the turnaround that franchise has had in just one season and a lot of what they are doing, for me Matt Nagy is the coach of the year. That being said, would anyone be disappointed if they got to see Jason Kelce dressed as a genie celebrating back to back Superbowl’s?

Everyone wrote the Eagles off last year, the city of Philly loved that and the underdog tag, it was one of the stories of the playoffs.  So I am going to do just that all over again. I think this will be the most one sided of all the wildcard games, the Bears defense is the best in the NFL and I expect its far superior talent and overall play elevate the Bears once again this week and help them advance.

That being said the Eagles are coming off there best 3 games on the year. Beating the Rams in LA, the Texans at home and a shutout win against the Redskins have to be signs of promise, once again Nick Foles has taken command late in the season and looks to be delivering. History could be repeating.

Prediction: Bears by 10.

Eagles View

Prediction: Eagles 27-24, this one is always going to be a close game, Chicago is going to loud and they have massive home field advantage but the Eagles just edge it we think.

How far can you go? We believe that we can go all the way, after last season it would be pretty silly to write us off, we are more than capable of winning it. Bears are a very strong team this season

Opposition Player this week you fear the most? I think everyone could predict we are most feared of Khalil Mack, 12.5 sacks and 6 forced fumbles, the guy is a monster.

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Bears View

Prediction? Bears Win 24-17

How far can you go? Championship game but hopefully all the way!

Opposition Player this week you fear the most?

Nick Foles.

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Seahawks @ Cowboys

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Its rare that wildcard weekend throws us up, this many great match ups. The Seahawks @ Cowboys is the game which I not only find the hardest to pick a winner. I do prefer the Seahawks as a team, but playing in Jerry World is a great equaliser.

For Dallas to win they will need to find a way to contain Russell Wilson. Wilson has had a top 5 QB type season, If he doesn’t kill you with his arm, he can and has killed teams on the ground. He is dangerous, how ever this Cowboys defense is underrated, only once this year they gave up over 30 points in a single game. Leighton Vander Esch has been a difference maker as a rookie and has a true impact for them.

The Seahawks will be looking all the way back to the week 3 match up between the teams where they got the better of the Cowboys and drawing inspiration from the fact 1/4 of Daks interceptions of the season came in that one game. Tyler Lockett has been a difference maker for Seattle this year, and may be one of the most underrated wide receivers in the NFL. If he can once again win his individual match up I think Seattle can win.

Prediction: Seahawks by 3.

Seahawks View

Prediction: Seahwks 17 – 10 Cowboys. Slower scoring than the regular season game but a textbook Russell Wilson Q4 TD wins it for us.

How far you can go in the playoffs?
I think the toughest game will probably be the divisional game against the Saints with Brees in scintillating form but if we come through that we have to be aiming for the Superbowl.

Cowboys player most feared – Ezekiel Elliot. Huge respect for him and stopping him will be key if we are to be successful.

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Cowboys View

Prediction : 27-24 Cowboys in a very very close one. I really struggle to call this one.

How far you can go in the playoffs? I think our defense could win the super bowl but our offense is probably only good enough to be a wildcard team so in between I would say divisional round.

Opposition player I fear the most – Russell Wilson, could it be anyone else? He has unbelievable versatility and will kill you on the ground or in the air

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