As the season has now hit its midway/just over midway point, please see my power rankings through the season so far!

Im sure some will be upset, but feel free to comment below or join all32 and tell the world why your team deserves to be either higher or lower in this list and other power rankings around the web!

Top Tier – Superbowl Challengers

1. Saints – WHODAT! They got revenge in Minnesota and became the first team to beat the Rams in impressive displays in back to back weeks, I find it hard not to put them top of the pile for now. Drew Brees is having an MVP type year and shows no signs of slowing down. My early Superbowl favourites.

2. Patriots – With Brady, the GOAT, its hard to imagine a Superbowl without the Patriots, isn’t it? They’ve shrugged off early season jitters and once again look like contenders.

3. Rams – 8-1 for a reason, the Rams are one of the 4 most exciting teams in the NFL, the defense can play better than it did against the Saints. Jared Goff is so much better than even last year and competing for the MVP title, the NFL is now deemed an offense first league and the Rams are leading the way.

4. Chiefs – Only defeat of the year was to the Pats in a shoot out in New England, if they could get home advantage for the playoffs and make the road to Atlanta go via Kansas City they could be destined for greatness with an Offense with more weapons and dynamic playmaking ability than half the league combined.

5. Panthers – The Panthers have all the makings of a plucky underdog, with Cam Newton they have one of the best QBs in the league at the moment and a top 5 defense to match, discount them at your peril.


6. Chargers – The Bolts are fun to watch on offense and defense and if they had a kicker id place them in my top bracket as a contender, special teams has been holding this franchise back for years, if only they could solve those kicking issues I might start to believe in them.

7. Steelers – The Steelers are a team as a Browns fan I should hate, but can’t help admire, they see turmoil and they make it work regardless, James Conner has been a revelation and with Big Ben, Antonio Brown and Juju they can win on any given Sunday.

8. Texans – Placing the Texans might have been the hardest of all teams, they’re fun to watch, probable winners of the AFC South and keep winning in all sorts of ways. By acquiring Demaryius Thomas the front office is showing its in win now mode and they are silently doing just that, combined with the toughness and determination of Deshaun Watson who overcame injured ribs to play against the Jags 2 weeks ago its hard not to like what they are doing!

9. Bears – The bears might be too high in my rankings and I feel the season will be defined for them in the next 3 weeks with 2 games against the Lions and the home fixture vs the Vikings, if they can win all 3 I can’t see them not going to the playoffs. Matt Nagy has turned that team around and I’m really excited to see how they do in the 2nd half of the year.

10. Vikings – They could be 6th on this list, they could be 11th, the Vikings are built to win on Defense, but just how far can the offense go, and when will the put it all together, i’ve been impressed but now blown away with them through 9 weeks on the NFL Season, however Adam Thielen & Stefon Diggs are probably the best WR duo in the league. If only they had a running back to match, Maybe Dalvin Cook can be that guy?

11. Eagles – The Superbowl champions have made a slow start to the season but Carson Wentz is improving every week and I fully expect them to make enough of a recovery to be sitting top of the NFC east soon enough. Like the Vikings though I want to see a break out star at rb emerge to truly consider them contenders.

Middle Tier, In the Hunt

12. Packers – With Aaron Rodgers the Packers always have a chance, the NFC North is tight and potentially the toughest division in football yet its still to be decided. The Packers still have every chance but they are wasting away Rodgers best years, without him they are nothing. The offensive live is non existent and the young defense is still a year and a few pieces away from competing.

13. Ravens – Is this the end of Harbaugh and Baltimore as a pairing, Joe Flacco will be widely criticised but the lack of a running game is seriously harming him and the ravens at the moments, though Joe even I could have seen Lamar was open. The Defense though is one of the best in the league.

14. Bengals – AJ Green is one of the best WR in the NFL, if not the best, he’s out for the next 2 games though and I can’t see the Bengals currently making the playoffs without him. The defense is falling apart and it may be time Marvin finally left.

15. Redskins – Alex Smith is a game manager and the Redskins are a team who have 8-8 written all over them, Adrian Peterson is dragging that offense and defying time but its a passing league and the Redskins are lacking in a true aerial threat at the moment.

16. Falcons – Julio Jones and the Falcons are fighters, they don’t give up and won’t stop playing hard for Dan Quinn, An outside chance of the playoffs remain with a favourable schedule approaching.

17. Seahawks – On any given Sunday the Seahawks can win. Except for the week 6 victory in Oakland every game they’ve been in has been close, Russel Wilson is an outside shot every year for league MVP and he alone can keep the Seahawks alive in the NFC playoff picture.

18. Titans – One week they are fun to watch, like on Monday night football, the next they are horrible. I’m still not sold on Mariota as a long-term answer, they are however fighting for the 5th or 6th seed in the AFC and should stay the in that battle till week 17.

19. Colts – The AFC South is a better division when Luck is healthy, like the packers though this roster has holes everywhere, Luck is the team and I wish they had a better roster to match his level of skill.

20.Dolphins – The Dolphins are still in the hunt, they sit at 5-4 and yet they are almost unwatchable on offense. They keep beating lesser teams, which is the minimum anyone can ask for but where the talent dasn’t favour the fins the coaching staff are consistently unable to elevate the play of the players.

21. Bucaneers – If im honest, the Bucs should be lower than this but I simply can’t do that to Fitzmagic, the Bucs offense with Fitz in can pile on the points, that’s the difference between them and the tier below, the defense is terrible though and can’t stop anyone.

Maybe Next Year

22. Jaguars – Blake Bortles is crippling this team, and Cody Kessler wont offer any improvement, the Jags are a quarterback away from being a contender, unfortunately for every QB needy team, they aren’t easy to find and that doesn’t help them right now.

23. Cowboys – Dak Prescott should be a backup in Dallas next year, his time as a starter should be over. The Cowboys are the 3rd best team in a sub standard NFC East, Elliot is still a premier rb but the trade for Amari Cooper raises all sorts of questions about the direction they are going as a Franchise.

24. Broncos – The Broncos need to press reset, John Elway should be thanked and promptly let go, a new GM should be installed and get to start over with a new QB and head coach. Vance Joseph is too passive to win in the NFL.

25. Lions – The Lions are clearly the worst team in the NFC North and have gone backwards under Matt Patricia,  they can’t stop the run and Matt Stafford and the passing game have yet to click, Patrica needs to remember the techniques employed in New England don’t work everywhere and adapt quickly to save the Lions.

26. Browns – As a Browns fan I might be bias, but the firings of Haley and Hue give hope once again, Baker Mayfield is still playing well, they aren’t a million miles away from winning, with the right coaching this year the Browns could have had twice as many wins but the defense is getting worse every week and that has to be a concern.

27. Jets – Todd Bowles will be gone at the end of the year, of that I am certain, it might even be the time to do what the Browns did with Hue and move on now in a bid to save Darnold from any further regression.

28. Giants – Is it Eli or his O-line, or even both, an offense with OBJ and Barkley shouldn’t be that bad, the defense has promise but sees the field far too often.

29. Cards – If it wasn’t for Josh Rosen and the fact they have a knack for beating the Niners I’d be asking if they were still competing, David Johnson looks a shadow of his former self and the former all or nothing series stars couldn’t be closer to nothing right now.

30.49ers – With Jimmy G, the 49ers were potentially a challenger, without they are a bottom tier team, George Kittle is a break out star and reliable target but the rest of the offense looks leaderless and poor, Nick Mullens display against the Raiders offers hope for the 2nd half of the year but nothing else in this team does anything for me.

Are they still competing? 

31. Bills – The only quarterback to survive behind that bills offensive line this year is Nate Interception, the problem is he’s just not very good and in my opinion not even a worthwhile backup. Its hard to write anything positive about the Bills, which is a shame as Bills Mafia are some of the NFL best fans.

32. Raiders – Tank Mode enabled. The Raiders clearly want to enter Vegas with the number 1 pick and we may aswell prepare those Nick Bosa jerseys now.

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