Life they say is not fair and without doubt one area of all our lives this has shown itself time after time after time is sports, the one great entertaining factor in all our lives where we put so much personal investment into some event which in most cases, unless your a gambling man or lady, will most likely only affect you emotionally

so why am I posting this article you may be wondering? Essentially I am here before you to ask for you all to plead and beg to all those sporting gods, all those pre game superstitions or those lucky rabbit feet you have which have in reality only worked 3 times out of a hundred etc, to ask you all to favour Philip Rivers and bring him his Whitney Houston, his one moment in time in the limelight and to reach a SB

Now let me clarify here, I am not a Chargers fan, I have no vested interest other than wanting to see one of the most underrated QB in football finally get a shot

And I’m not here to argue that it’s luck or bad luck that has kept him out of a SB, I’m not going to throw stats at everyone trying to argue my case here, the stats don’t lie, he won’t ever be a Brady or Brees but he is better than an Eli or Flacco

So why am I here asking for Lady Luck or Karma or whoever to step in and intervene. As I said at the start of this article life is not fair and more pertenent to this article neither is football which of course helps to make it the greatest game on Earth

Because football, like all other sports, is littered with moments of what ifs and moments where for whatever reason Lady Luck has stepped in to sweep one team and set of fans into wonderous bliss whilst kicking the others squarely in the nuts. All teams who have gone on to have success and in some cases sustained success have all had moments where something has turned to lead on to victories. The Steelers with the immaculate reception or immaculate fluke, the Pats with the none fumble tuck rule, The Broncos with the drive where the centre snaps the ball early hitting a man in motion only for the ball to bounce back up into Elways hands, the helmet catch against the Pats, the 49ers Catch and so on and so on, in truth I have probably missed out dozens of other examples where that bit of luck has been gifted and taken away from so many

So Lady Luck if your reading this I am appealing to you to show a bit of mercy and help out one of the best understated QB of the last decade or so. You have helped out worst QB in your time and if that hasn’t convinced you then just do it because frankly he deserves a break, the guy has 9 kids which likely means either he has a addiction to sex or the poor guy is married to a sex addict, lets be frank here he is probably the only player currently who hopes to get a concussion just so he can use the excuse of having a headache and feeling tired when he gets home

So Lady Luck/Karma/God/Mr Ted or whoever you worship go on and do this just one time, just for me, pretty please with a bow on

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