Kareem Hunt’s suspension and subsequent release from the Chiefs while 100% the right decision by the Chiefs and NFL is such a huge disappointment for chiefs kingdom and NFL fans across the league. The Chiefs offense has easily been in the top 3 to watch this year and has resulted in many calls for Mahomes to be crowned MVP.

Kareem Hunt has directly helped Mahomes by providing over 1000 all-purpose yards on the ground and in the air. He himself has been nothing short of sensational on the field and a favorite amongst chiefs kingdom. But like the Bell situation in Pittsburgh, I expect it to have no real consequence on how well the Chiefs do this year, I believe Andy Reid is one of the best coaches in the NFL and that the team is still built to win, at least I hope so, an NFL where dynamic and fun teams are awarded by winning is one I think we all want to watch.

In back up Spencer Ware the chiefs have a known quality option. The last time he saw a long stretch in an NFL team he managed to pick up 921 yards through 14 games for the Chiefs back in 2016 and if it wasn’t for a serious injury would have probably been the main back in 2017. This ironically opened up a chance for Kareem Hunt on which he hadn’t looked set to lose till yesterday. He was exciting and a fundamental piece of that Chiefs team, the first to win the AFC West in 6 years at that point in time.

Ware has also seen plenty of the field already this year so is no stranger to this offense, though he has mainly been used on 3rd downs, he’s been a reliable pass protector and receiver for the team, if Andy Reid can use Ware to these strengths while still maintaining a healthy pass-run balance I do see no reason why the Chiefs can’t secure the number 1 seed in the AFC and make it so that the AFC playoffs go via Kansas City!

So the big question is, can Spencer Ware now carry this team to the promise land or has this just opened up the road for Tom Brady and the Patriots to again be the AFC representative in the Superbowl?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, via facebook or twitter.

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