Clevland Browns Union JackThe first controversial and big story of the offseason is here! The NFL truly never stops, my Cleveland Browns have blinked first with the signing of Kareem Hunt. For many, this is a controversial one and il look at to address all aspects of it below!

So let’s start with the ugly side to it, domestic violence is never acceptable, should be punished accordingly. That includes in this case with Kareem Hunt. He should be given a 6-8 game suspension in my opinion despite signing for the Browns.

One of the big questions I have around this is, will he learn, the initial statement he thanks Dorsey as well as Jimmy and Dee Haslam for believing in him, but do we?

I have a few questions off the field, which I am hoping, and am sure the Browns have asked themselves.

  1. If a poor upbringing is to blame, is bringing Kareem Hunt back to his childhood home in Cleveland going to be the right move?
  2. Is returning him to the scene of his crime the right idea?
  3. How much has he truly learnt and what evidence have the Browns seen fit to take this leap?

We will truly not know, but while I am typing on this subject of domestic abuse, it feels only right I point you all towards a UK based charity which deals with similar cases, if you do feel touched or compelled, please donate generously. Refuge.

The Football Side

Now the fun bit, on to Kareem Hunt, the football player. It was clear for us all to see the Chiefs offense missed him when he went out the lineup, they’re running game faltered. It’s hard to doubt his talent, through 11 games with the Chiefs in 2018 he 824 yards rushing and 378 receiving. (1202 Total) Impressive for any RB on any team through 11 games. Further to this, he had 14 touchdowns combined on the year.

In comparison to other RBs across the league, selected at Random.

  • Alvin Kamara – 18 Total – +4 – 15 Games – 1592 Yards Total
  • James Connor – 13 Total – -1 – 13 Games – 1470 Yards Total
  • Saquon Barkley – 15 Total – +1 – 16 Games –2028 Yards Total
  • Derrick Henry – 12 Total – – 2 – 16 Games – 1158 Yards Total

Now as you can see the impact he had is huge, he’s clearly one of the best in the NFL at his position and any team would want a talent like him even for 8 games a year. Playmakers and difference makers are rare in the NFL and every opportunity you get to add one to a team should be taken. Regardless of position.

The Browns

Now, why does it make sense for the Browns. Well John Dorsey is the obvious link, he drafted Hunt in Kansas so his love affair for the RB is clear, but Cleveland, even If I’m bias already has one of the better running back situations in the NFL. Rookie Nick Chubb was highly impressive and Duke Johnson is a cult hero in Cleveland, BUT Kareem Hunt is an upgrade. I love Duke Johnson, but he simply can’t be relied on as a runner like Kareem Hunt could be. He didn’t register a single rushing touchdown in 2018.

  • Nick Chubb – 10 Total – 4 -16 Games – 1145 Yards Total
  • Duke Johnson – 3 Total – -11 – 16 Games – 630 Yards Total

The Browns by pulling this move, have at the very least added another playmaker to the roster. Someone new and clearly talented with a point to prove, it could be a masterstroke with very little risk attached for the Browns on this one year deal. Who knows how much of the field he sees and if the Browns look to trade Duke Johnson on as a result.

The NFL offseason never stops and nor do we. You can follow every move with our fan based opinions and if you want to get involved, just register and post away, the fans know best.

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