Colin Kapernick was the 4th Pick of the 2nd round and 36 overall selection of the 2011 draft. He has never won a ring, he has a 72-30 TD to Interception ratio and a passer rating of 88.9. Yet may be the most talked about quarterback the NFL has ever had. Not for his play on the field though, but does Colin Kapernick deserve a shot at starting in the NFL?

Yes. On his play alone Colin Kapernick is a starting NFL quarterback and for the off field stuff, well its high time more athletes cared like Kapernick. His strong stance on social injustice and rights may have captured the medias attention in America and the UK but really, should this be stopping him from having a shot? No.

After missing the entire 2017 season its time a NFL franchise took that step and hired him. (I’m looking at you Buffalo). Lets compare Buffalos 2 current starters and Colin Kapernick below and ask why not?

Derek Anderson

Touchdowns: 60

Interceptions: 64

Completion Percentage: 54.3

QB Rating: 70.4

Nate Interception

Touchdowns: 3

Interceptions: 12

Completion Percentage: 52.3 

QB Rating: 32.5

Colin Kapernick 

Touchdowns: 72

Interceptions: 30

Completion Percentage: 59.8

QB Rating: 88.9

From the above few metrics, it’s almost impossible to ask why not? Kapernick is far superior to Derek Anderson and Nate Interception on the NFL field, he’s a winner on the field.

Josh Allen is the future in Buffalo but this shouldn’t prevent the Bills from exploring Kapernick. It makes no sense for the Bills organisation risk Allen at all this year. He should be allowed to sit and learn. He’s shown glimpses but if he’s not healthy and only going to take hits behind that line, he should be protected.

That being said, Kapernick would provide the perfect model and ability mix to lead that team, he’s more mobile and like Tyrod last year in Buffalo would afford the Bills line, which in my opinion looks worse than a year ago,an extra 2-3 seconds on every play with his capability to move around the pocket. Crucial seconds which could at least make the Bills watchable on offense again as it opens up the field or makes coverage of the receiving corp at least a little harder or unpredictable. (Sorry Bills fans).

Looking elsewhere around the league at other free agent QBs who got hired this off season with the original intention to be a starter and I think one name stands tall among the rest, Sam Bradford. How does this unreliable and always injured vet who NFL franchises have a weird addiction too, get a job over Kapernick?

Remember when the Vikes traded a first rounder for Bradford last year for him to never be healthy and eventually they had to start Keenum instead. Incredible. But not quite as incredible as his agent.

Back to Kapernick in Conclusion, for me its time the Bills took a huge step forward for the NFL, upset “the many” and attempted to win games again with a QB who can actually play. Colin Kapernick.

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