THE NFL IS CRAZY, every week it is so unpredictable and anyone can win on any given Sunday. Week 14 will go down in history as one of the craziest unpredictable weeks in NFL history. It was the perfect example of how this league has greater partity than any other major sports league in the world.

Ok, ok I love the game and the NFL but I am serious about this. I can’t think of another major sports league quite like it.
Focusing just on Sunday, the following happened which if anyone predicted before, you would have probably said they were drunk, overly optimistic before the game or straight out ridiculous in how bias they could be (Even though that’s what we want to see from Fans of ALL32).

Oakland Raiders Union Jack

Raiders beating the Steelers!

The Hapless raiders who are literally trying to lose every week somehow beat the Steelers at home. A large part of it may have been aided by Big Ben sitting out portions of this game but really to me the Steelers lack of a rushing game without Bell or Conner. (40 yards in total, is the reason they lost this game.) They will need to fix that soon or they could slide out of playoff contention.





Miami Dolphins Union Jack

The Miracle of Miami.

Ok, Miami always had a chance to beat the Pats. But if you had told me or anyone else before the weekend the Dolphins would have sealed the game in the dying seconds with a play full of lateral passes and incredibly high skilled decision making and mini-plays,
I’d of probably laughed and said yeah ok they can win but it wont be the play of the season.  Instead, we got exactly that. Well played Miami and Kenyan Drake.





49ers Union JackGreg Kittle finds the soft spot.

I have to be honest, I had this game down as an easy Broncos win and fully expected it to help a late charge towards the playoffs for them, what we got was a statement by the 49ers directly to myself and the rest of the ALL32 podcast crew, we exist and can win against decent teams in the NFL. Meanwhile, for Denver, It looks to be bye bye to Vance. Maybe this result may actually help the Broncos organisation more in the long term than if they had won.





Chicago Bears Union Jack

Bears – Kings of the North

I had this one down as a Bears win, but I bet I was in the minority of NFL fans to have the Bears beating the Rams, as revealed on the ALL32 podcast, I will keep banging the drum for NFLs most underrated team, the Bears! Not only does this game seemingly lock up the NFC North for them but it sends out a statement that the NFL’s best defense can take this team all the way and win, on any given Sunday.




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