The Browns have finally fired Hue Jackson, and in my opinion, it is 100% the correct decision and time to do so. Hue Jackson to me, shouldn’t have even got this far, going 0-16 was a disgrace and he should have gone then. In the end 3-36-1 was just too much for Jimmy and Dee.

Hue joins a long list of head coaches to have tried and failed in Cleveland, he has just become the 6th straight of those failed Browns coaches to lose his job after a game against the Steelers, maybe this time Browns fans should thank those in Pittsburgh because with Hue this team was going nowhere, it was a un-organised mess rife with in-fighting.

The timing may not be ideal but the Browns simply couldn’t afford to wait, the in-fighting has already begun and talks of Haley or Hue going were rife, a team with that much instability was not going to win another game this year, Jump start on other teams to identify new coaching candidates

The true winner in all of this is Baker Mayfield, who Hue had only really begun to start after his inspirational comeback win against the Jets in week 3, if it was up to Hue, Baker wouldn’t have seen the field and the Browns may well have remained winless for even longer. Baker may now thrive under new leadership which matches his own fire and desire for winning, Hue preached wanting to win but a losing record and manner of so many of the defeats could never truly mean he could believed.

Following Hue out the door was Todd Haley, now why none of us truly know what happened I am a little dissapointed Haley has gone, I felt he could of been given the last 8 games on this season to make a stake for some part for his future in Cleveland now.

In the interim the Browns have handed it over to Gregg Williams, the only member of the senior coaching staff to have done his job over the last few years, the defense has played well, and if it hadn’t of spent more time on the field due to poor offense would in my opinion be in the running for top 5 in the league. But on to Williams, Cleveland be hoping he is the fire that may now light that franchise up.

The future who knows what it holds, hopefully for Browns fans it’s a happier one, the Browns have just given themselves a huge amount of time to identify and get the right coach, and here is hoping they do.

Go Browns!





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