Hue Jackson is not living his best life. With 3 wins in 3 years Hue Jackson must go.
Hue for all accounts appears a nice guy who wants to best everybody’s best friend, not hurt anyone and is generally a likable guy as per this years hard knocks story, a real players coach, after making a foolish promise to jump in the lake if the Browns didn’t win a game last year, Hue did so, he also turned it into a charity do and raised over $30,000 for the Hue Jackson Foundation, a charity which combats human trafficking.
BUT, this is football.

Hue Jackson is not built to win games as a head coach and the dawg pound deserve better.  The Browns have some of the most exciting young talent in the league, Myles Garrett could be the best pass rusher of his generation, Baker Mayfield was the most exciting quarterback in College over the past few years, and in Jarvis Landry they have a weapon who is ready to ball. However, the young talent that joins the Browns never seems to actually develop.

Lets look at Hues first season in charge, the Browns had decided to go full moneyball, a less than ideal situation for any coaching team and a hard but not impossible task. The Browns ended the year with 1 win thanks to a block kicked on Christmas eve against the Chargers. But what I really want to look at is the talent Hue had acquired in that first season via the draft and the development of those players.

Now while the picking up talent is outside of Hues hands, the development of players to me directly falls to him and his team of coaches. In the first 3 rounds of that years draft the Cleveland Browns selected:

  1. Corey Coleman
  2. Emmanuel Ogbah
  3. Carl Nassib
  4. Shon Coleman
  5. Cody Kessler

Only Ogbah remains with the Browns today. Ogbah has been outstanding and looks to always be taking his game to the next level. Credit where it is due, the coaching of Ogbah has worked. Now on to Corey Coleman, and any WR who seems to have entered the Browns locker room during Hues reign, they don’t ever seem to grasp what it takes to succeed in the NFL, drops are a plenty and the effort levels are just not there. Going back to this years hard knocks I feel the drops have a root cause, catching practice is a chore and a punishment and not a fundamental part of how Hue runs the team, this was laid in evidence when David N’Joku was told as a punishment to go and catch ten straight balls. Why isn’t this routine?

Shon Coleman & Cody Kessler are now elsewhere, neither had any success with the Browns, and neither has started for new teams yet. Coleman never developed, and always looked stuck in the mud, while Kessler looked scared and just had to absorb sack after sack as the Browns O-line woes probably ruined any chance he had.

The Browns game day experience is much like the coaching of the players, missing. 3 wins in 3 years, 2 this year against the Jets and an impressive defensive win against the Ravens have still not sparked hope, the raw talent is shining through but the Browns aren’t getting better, quite the opposite, last weeks blow out loss to the Chargers exposed how poor the Browns actually are. The chargers are everything the Browns are not, exciting, fun to watch and a team on the move.

Yesterday the first half was much more of the same, against what was ranked the 32nd defense in football, the Browns failed to move the ball in the first half against the Bucs and were truly woeful, as an avid Browns fan, I struggled to watch it, the Browns have become boring and predictable, a running joke on social media is predicting how the Browns will give hope and dash it away, yesterday was no exception, fighting back the Browns some how forced the game into overtime, yet the Browns still lost, an incredible 59 yard field goal did it yesterday but quite frankly the Browns had no right to be in the game, they were a mess.

Now while the factory of sadness has just been reaching new lows and finding creative new ways to lose games, The Rams and Bears have shown a new way of life exists in the NFL, with ambitious coaching hires and no fear. In Hues first season these teams had a combined 7 wins. The Rams are the hottest team in the NFL and the Bears are resurgent and look like they could contend for the NFC North. Quite simply Dorsey & the Haslams need to act. Hue needs to go.

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