By Tim Monk (@Tim_Monk85) – 23rd June 2019

Many people see Nick Foles as the answer to the question: “What will it take for Jacksonville to get the Super Bowl?”

I see it a different

Snap Scouting #18 SEC Rules!

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No NFL and No NCAA Football make us crazy!!! Sorry about that just needed to get that out there and feeling much better. Hope everyone out there is managing ok without football,on the

Off season can seem so long! With any luck the news and updates of teams as they head into OTAs should take some sting out of the long wait. If that doesn’t help and you need more College news we keep up the ranking chapter and look

By 5 Yard Rush

The Draft is in the books and now we can start to focus on Fantasy Football once again. We hope you have all be listening to our podcasts in the interim to get the latest news and

Snap Scouting #16 Coaching Class

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Every year after the College Bowl season and National Finals the College football landscape takes a whole new look with the coaching carousel getting into full swing,add that with the NFL Draft taking the best players away some conferences can look totally opposite of the previous year.  This year of