Clevland Browns Union JackAs a Browns fan, I can’t quite hide my delight at recent performances. Since Gregg Williams has taken control the Browns have looked like a totally different team to the one they have been over the last few years.  In fact under Gregg Williams they have matched the amount of wins they’ve had in the last 2 and a half years. Incredible really.

But does this mean Gregg Williams, assisted by Freddie Kitchens deserve a shot at the jobs full time?

The Dawg Pound couldn’t be more split on this. And I’m still not certain what side of the argument I fall on.

Interim head coaches rarely do this well. In fact only 16 out of 87 have winning records, that’s how bad they normally end up doing. This is probably due to the fact most the time bad teams stay bad, but something feels different in Cleveland. The Browns have gone from an ill disciplined infighting mess to a team which is organised and efficient. They are doing what they need to, to win.

Is this enough for the long term future of the franchise and how does Gregg Williams off-season management match up. Well he has previous, From 2001-2003 he was the head coach of the Bills, his record 17-31.

Since then I have no doubt he has learnt a lot as we are seeing with the Browns now, he’s held positions with 6 different teams including the Browns and generally been liked by his players, an important aspect to consider.


  • The Browns are winning. Simple, if its not broken, why fix it?
  • Baker under Freddie Kitchens looks the real deal and is developing.
  • Smart in game decisions, I can’t remember a situation that has really cost the Browns under his leadership like we witnessed countless times with Hue.
  • Players love him.


  • Defense still isn’t perfect, it needs some more attention. But is it wildly different to many across the league.
  • Controversial Past. Ok Bounty gate was a mistake, can it be forgotten though?
  • The great unknown.
  • Not the flashy appointment many will have called for when Hue got the chop.

Twitter Views

The poll below on the UK_Browns twitter handle does show over whelming support for him, but its still on-going and would encourage you to also go vote.

Final Word

When the Browns have shown so much promised under Gregg Williams and are one of the more exciting watches in the NFL right now its hard to argue against appointing Gregg Williams as head coach, if he can beat the Broncos in mile high this weekend, I might have to become a long term believer.


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