Tampa Bay Buccaneers Union JackThe Bucs line up against the Ravens this weekend. For those of you who might have younger sisters (not me, I was just living in the US at the time), you might be familiar with a US Teen TV show called “That’s so Raven”. The Synopsis- “No ordinary teenager; Raven Baxter can see glimpses of the future! Watch her schemes and misadventures as she enlists the help of friends, including best friends Eddie and Chelsea, to change life’s little outcomes” This show aired between 2003 (3 weeks before the Bucs won the Super Bowl) and November 2007 (about 6 weeks before the Buccaneers last playoff appearance). Maybe this fictional TV girl held all the super powers for the Buccaneers? Who knows? Continue reading

The process of becoming, being and keeping a job as a positional, offence, defence or head coach can lead an individual on a path to greatness, the history books even, or it can have someones career ending within a season.… Continue reading