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Are the Browns allowed nice things?

Do the Buccaneers have a defense?

The 2 major questions entering this week 7 match up.

The Browns had been in every game this year, before last weeks horror show at home to the Chargers, the defense has played lights out against Brees ,Roethlisberger and Flacco but simply didn’t turn up at home against the Chargers. Denzal Ward is a rookie of the year candidate, the number 4 overall pick has been nothing short of amazing so far.

The issue for the Browns last week came on Offense, Baker Mayfield has looked good in his young NFL career and till an injury last week looked ok, he never truly recoverd are slipping on a first down marker (Only in Cleveland) . He will need more help from his team this week, the drops from his receiving core have seriously harmed the Browns.

The Bucaneers on the other hand, are almost the exact opposite to the Browns, they have an offense, whoevers in at QB they find a way to pile on the yards. With Desean Jackson, Mike Evans and OJ Howard, yards in the air have been relativly easy for them so far, the offense has surpsied people, me included. If Winston can keep adding that yardage and minimise turnovers the Bucaneers offense could be considered “Top 10”.

Their defense though has been truly appaling, only turning the ball over 5 times on the year so far and giving up 300+ passing yards up in every game so far. For the Bucaneers to win, this week and consistently they need to fix what I deem the worse defense in the NFL.

Match up to Watch: Browns WRs vs Bucs Secondary. If they can generate yards, the Browns will win, if the Bucs can slow them down. The Bucs will.

Player to watch: Jarvis Landry, he needs to step up and this week against a poor Bucs team I expect him too.

Prediction: Browns 38-31 Bucs

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