The process of becoming, being and keeping a job as a positional, offence, defence or head coach can lead an individual on a path to greatness, the history books even, or it can have someones career ending within a season. it happens every single season, we see coaches come into teams with all of the promises and skills to potentially lead a team to the superbowl, and halfway through the season, they may not have won a game, and all of a sudden, the very fans that backed you, are suddenly calling the franchise to sack you ?

In my honest opinion i think any coaching role is just as difficult if not harder than a playing role, the entire string of that position look at you as a mentor and a scapegoat, the fans call you out in a duff play, the owners raise an eyebrow after a few losses, your job is literally on the line every game , dependant on score and opposition.

Its currently the case with us at the Carolina Panthers, Ron Rivera is no doubt an amazing head coach that has done some amazing things with us in the past few years, but is his coaching streak finally coming to an end in Charlotte ? As I’m writing this we currently sit 6-6, last season we ended 6-10, but the year before we were 15-1, and got to the Superbowl. Now does this show that Riverboat Ron can only take us to a certain point and can’t do anymore, because this season isn’t looking too positive.

Certainly offensive and defensive coaches can be thrown into the spotlight, Norv Turner has done some amazing work with our offence, he plays aggressive he plays a mix of runs and passes and has adapted some things around Cam Newtons’ fantastic ability to run and block, but on the other side of camp, Eric Washington and his job are literally hanging by a thread, the defence look poor, they look un-organised, veteran players such as Kuechly, you can see his frustration when another team makes a successful drive. For me, an example in Eric’ career can currently be seen with his former team, the Bears, they sacked him , and now under Vic Fangio they are arguably the best defence in the league. This is where you star to ask questions, you start to look at Washington more closely, his nerves in a game, his self co-ordination under pressure, and his ability to create plays with the men in his arsenal. Honestly, i don’t think he is up to the job anymore, tell me I’m being ”too critical”, or that I’m ”not a true fan” bur surely a true fan wants whats best for the team they tune in to support every week, and to see them at a better position than 6-6 ?

It’s certainly the feelings of new owner David Tepper, he wants exactly what is best for his franchise, he wants t see success, and he isn’t messing around, before the game against the Buccaneers this past week the reports were swirling around social media that Tepper now had coaching staff in his sights, and a false move will see them out. Whether this report had any truth in it or not, it certainly came to light, as today Brady Hoke, and Jeff Imamura, the DL and CB coach have both been relieved of duty at the Panthers, and Ron Rivera has been put in place to call the defensive plays in our game against the Browns and create a support system around Washington. This is a fantastic move, the two positions that looked most lacklustre on gameday can now get some fresh eyes and fresh tactics under new coaches and start to look more aggressive and dangerous, and Ron can utilise players to the best of their ability on offence and defence. David Tepper is a man of the people, a man that listens to the fans, a man that has paid an extremely large amount of money for a franchise and wants to see it thrive, its his business, his job, his life, and the moves he has made today are only the start of great things too come. I this the start of a new coaching revolution at the Panthers? Are we going to start seeing a defence team that can ball like they have the ability too ? Is Ron Riveras’ job under the spotlight ? No one can answer these questions in confidence apart from Tepper, but to avoid the worse case scenario, the entire coaching staff needs to step up and utilise every ounce of skill and every able body under them to create a unit like the Panthers can be, otherwise kick them out, and start re-building.

Every team is either in, has been or will be in this situation with staff, and owners, like Tepper has done, need to start showing people the door, and re-shuffling. It gives players and fans the re-assurance that at least someone knows what they’re doing and have someone that wants to steer an almighty ship the the island of the Superbowl. All i can say is, i wouldn’t want to be a coach, would you ?

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