More trade news hit Monday morning when the Cowboys traded for 2 time pro bowler Amari Cooper in exchange for a 2019 first round pick!

On the face of this, this trade looks like a sign of desperation, and the price for Cooper seems high.

Amari Cooper has 280 yards on 22 receptions this year and has looked nothing like the Amari Cooper the NFL saw in his first 2 years in the league. He’s looked quite frankly disinterested and sluggish. If the Cowboys get this Cooper and not the 2015-2016 Cooper who got 1000+ yards and pro bowl spots they are in trouble in and heads will roll.

From the Cowboys side acquiring Cooper does make some sense, they have a Dez shaped hole in that offense and WR is clearly a need for the team, by getting Cooper who is still only aged 24, the Cowboys have at least attempted to give Dak a weapon, this also in my view acts as a huge lifeline and chance for Jason Garret to save his job. He needs this to work.

The Raiders, and Jon Gruden will be getting killed by a lot of people for dealing away Amari Cooper, like they did with Khalil Mack, and rightly so, to earn trust, you have to win. But Cooper like a lot of things in Oakland right now wasn’t working, Jon Grudens Raiders aren’t going anywhere fast and 3 first round picks now stockpiled should give them at least hope for the future and a chance to rebuild in the draft.

Winner : Raiders

With 3 first round draft picks the Raiders will enter the 2019 year a new look team


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