Chargers @ Patriots

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The Chargers come off a convincing victory in Baltimore, after playing the spoiler and underdog card in the wildcard round. The score was closer than it should have been. They found a way to stop the scrambling Lamar Jackson, but this weeks divisional round game will see them face almost the exact opposite in terms of Quarterback styles as they go into New England.

The Patriots

In the Patriots we will get see, in my opinion the GOAT Tom Brady embark on his 16th adventure in January, 1/3 of his previous visits he has gone all the way and despite what many would deem a disappointing season, its hard to bet against the Patriots at any point in time. No other franchise has come close to the levels of success they have experienced in the last 20 years. For the Patriots to be successful this week, they will need all of Tom Brady’s experience to come to the fore, how ever the key to winning this week in my opinion will be if the Patriots ground game can get going, in games the Patriots have rushed over 70 yards in the last 3 years they have won. Do that this week and it will be another conference championship game of Brady & co.

The Chargers

The Chargers how ever come into this game after arguably stopping the NFL best rushing team on the road, but daring Tom Brady to throw in comparison to Lamar Jackson would be suicide. Anthony Lynn has established a “Us against the world” mentality. Every game for the Chargers feels like a road game. Rivers impressed against the Ravens D which I consider a much better unit than the Patriots. For the Chargers to win they will not only need Rivers to continue his great season but they will have to find a way to stop Brady finding Edelman and Gronk, if they do this, they win.

Prediction: As on the ALL32 podcast, I really struggle to pick a winner, so if it snows the Patriots by 3, if it doesn’t snow Chargers by 3. 

Chargers View

Prediction : Score is 31-28 to the Bolts.
What Most impressed you last week:
We were most impressed by the way we started to play situational playoff football and took Ravens head on at their own game.

Most Feared Player:Clearly Brady is the guy we should fear, but they have many dangerous guys. Perhaps the real guy to fear though, is their brilliant coach, Bill Belichick.

Views kindly provided by British Bolts, follow and interact on twitter for all things Chargers!

Patriots View

Prediction: 24-20 Patriots win.

How far Can you go?: patriots are the patriots and therefore can go as far they please. Post season is where Brady normally comes alive. As he showed against a depleted jets given time he can still sling it like the best of them, despite being 41. If Brady plays like Brady. Pats can win it all. If he doesn’t, don’t be surprised if they’re one and done this year.

Player to fear: Ingram. Pass rush. Tom Brady. QB hits. Patriots lose. Historically, if you hit Brady, you beat the patriots. Ingram has had a stellar season, if he’s given the chance to run wild. Patriots are in trouble.

Views kindly provided by All32 very own Nathan Roberts.

Colts@ Chiefs

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The Colts had the most convincing victory of any team that featured on wildcard weekend. TY Hilton was called a clown before, arrived in a clown mask and left with an impressive game stats wise and with a message to the rest of the AFC. In fact the whole Colts offense turned up, Andrew Luck looked so effortless and beautiful throwing its like he’s not missed any time at all in the last few years.

The Chiefs

The Chiefs have been one of the best teams to watch in the NFL all year, at home in Arrowhead, they only lost once, by 1 point against divisional rival Chargers. They are hard to beat at home and boast one of the loudest crowds across the NFL. As well as these advantages they have MVP candidate Patrick Mahomes blowing away every defense he plays. I expect another explosive display on offense against an improved Colts Defense. How ever the big question for the Chiefs, will that secondary be able to do enough to stop Andrew Luck.

The Colts

Leading on nicely to the Colts, they had an impressive day against the Texans, to the point the 2nd half was a total non event. Frank Reich by getting to the divisional round may have just put himself into the front running for coach of the year.

Andrew Luck started his comeback year quite slowly, the Colts, adjusting to a new system went 1-5. Since then they are 10-1 in all games including last weeks match up against the Texans, they may be the 6th seed in the AFC but they might also be the best team.

A lot of the Colts success can be attributed to the improvement this year in the offensive line, as a unit its gone from being one of the worst to one of the best in the last year, jokes about the Colts trying to kill Luck might be a thing of the past. On top of this Eric Ebron has turned into a touchdown machine, he’s good for one a game.

Prediction: Chiefs by 7, My gut instinct tells me not to go against the Chiefs at home.

Colts View

Prediction: Against a rested weak Chiefs Secondary & Mahomes without Hunt, Colts win by 24-20, Colts will need to silence the crown and rely on run game.

What most impressed me: Against the Texans I was impressed with the ability to keep the running game at arms length. Which in turn put the game in Watsons hands. The defense also turned up once again with a look of that jags D from a year ago.

Most Feared Player: TE Travis Kelce, he is a danger in area of the field, watch for Mahomes to look for him when he needs a vital 3rd down. However playing in the playoffs will be a bridge to far for this young quaterback & the pressure will show. Lamar Jackson in disguise, Lets hope so.

Colts view kindly provided by Antonio on our Facebook page, by the fans, for the fans.

Chiefs View

Prediction: Chiefs 31 – 28 Colts it’ll be another shootout between two fantastic QB’s.

How far can you go? I truly believe that if we beat the Colts it will get two huge monkeys off our backs, this is such an important game for the Chiefs to put the past to bed and look forward to a bright future under Mahomes. Win against the Colts and destroy that Hoodoo PLUS destroy the Hoodoo of not winning a home playoff game in 25 years. If the Chiefs do that then nobody can stop us marching to the Super Bowl.

Player you most fear? In this game against the Colts, the player I fear most is their RB Marlon Mack, the Chiefs linebackers have been poor this year and have always had trouble stopping the run and it’s a position that teams are using against us more to control the time of possession to keep Mahomes off the field. But the player I most fear in the playoffs as a whole is Todd Gurley, I hope we never meet him in the Super Bowl.

Views kindly provided by ‘The Brit Chief’, follow and interact on twitter for all things Chiefs!

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